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  • soooo many GREAT ideas from many of you... I forgot to ask one question, if the medical examiner testifies to a character created with all these factors (trajectory lines, exposing the internal organs, etc) Do these characters have to be displayed in Poser for full functionality ?
    Thanks !!

  • If you want to be able to interactively adjust the point if view and zoom in and out etc.. Then yes. However for ease of presenting it may be a desirable option to render stills and or set animations to present the desired information, particularly if the person presenting is not experienced in the software or navigating in 3d space

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    @jmgreen said in Poser Pro 11:

    if the medical examiner testifies to a character created with all these factors (trajectory lines, exposing the internal organs, etc) Do these characters have to be displayed in Poser for ~~full~~ functionality ?

    (emphasis added)
    If you want to be able to zoom in/out, rotate, etc. on the spur of the moment, then yes, display it in Poser.

    But generally, you would use Poser to produce renders, and export those renders as PNG or JPG and display those with anything (Windows Explorer, PowerPoint).

    You can also use Poser to produce flyaround and zoom animations and then composite them (GIF, ShockWaveFlash, FLV, AVI, QuickTime) from Poser and then display them with any picture viewer.

    For example, you set up an animation in Poser -in slow motion- showing a bullet traveling, hitting at the entry wound, mushrooming in the liver. Render that animation in Poser, saving the animation frames as PNGs.
    Use a video/flash/GIF editor to compose those frames into a GIF. You can show the GIF in court using a web browser of image viewer.

    I can make bullet models and bullet wake (tracer) paths for you, and show you how to use them.

    You may be wondering "Why the intermediate step of rendering?"
    What you see in the realtime Poser display is only a preview; it is a crude but fast representation of the scene. Rendering takes longer but gives proper lighting, shows better detail, and allows for special effects.

  • @James_in_3D Just double checking, but are those the anatomy models from Daz?

  • @mr_phoenyxx Double checking?

  • For those who are interested, here are the anatomy figures included with Poser. These are the female figures. There is a male counterpart for each. AFAIK, there are no internal organs included with Poser.

    0_1480361169143_poser anatomy figures.png

  • @James_in_3D Well you made the comment that, "you don't want to push traffic Daz's way" but I was unsure if the render that you showed was the anatomy models from Daz or something else.

  • @mr_phoenyxx No need to worry about my post, my friend. :-)

    Yes, they do show anatomy models from "them".

    I have experience with these props and figures in a post-secondary education environment, and I used Poser when I used these items. The items are medically accurate and work well in Poser. I chose to show stuff I had experience with that was related to what the OP needed to do, so that the OP could see that Poser can do what he wants to do.

    These props are readily available for Poser, and made for Poser, and work well in Poser. This shows that Poser can utilize a variety of products from other sources and is therefore extremely versatile. Poser is by far the best tool for what the OP needs to do, for all the reasons listed earlier in this thread. :-)

    What matters most here is that the OP can use Poser to do what he wants to do -- and he has more resources available to him than those included in the Poser package. There is no point in not telling someone about "their" products simply because they're from "them". I don't think that would be fair to the OP, and I don't think it would be helpful to Poser.

    However... since @shvrdavid reads every thread, I'm sure if anything I posted was inappropriate, he would've removed/edited my post. And if that was the case... the OP might not ever know that Poser can easily do what he needs it to do.

  • Something more advanced, and also a question to the forum;

    1. the advanced bit. It's possible to use Poser's grouping tool to reassign geometry to a new material. That means you can select a section of skin and make it vanish (rather than hiding an entire section of body like chest or abdomen). It should also be possible to make masks that conform to the shape of a hole (or cut). The grouping tool and the materials room give a wealth of options here.

    2. Poser has deforming magnets and a 'morph brush' that may well be able to provide conceptual representations of such things as cavitation and deformation. Not sure how to go about doing that, however, hence I pose this as a question for others to comment on. (To be clear, I know how to deform things, but I have never tried pushing outwards using magnets or the morph brush...)

  • Relax guys, its all good.

    Lets wait and see what other questions the OP has.
    They are new to they forum and we have plenty of other threads to carry on in.

    Let's leave jmgreen's thread for their questions, and answers concerning them.