Animation Palette visible frame range resets to current frame after every action

  • I'm not the most prolific animator, by any means, but I do make a lot of use of animSets and am starting to get frustrated with the Animation Palette's insistence on bringing the current frame into view after every action I take. If I was working on or near the current frame, that would be useful, but when I've selected a block of frames and parameters, remote from the current frame (i.e. the current frame is not visible when I make the selection), that I want to set keyframes for, or change the interpolation settings of, the animation palette shunts me back to a range of frames which includes the current frame, and what is worse, deselects the previous selection, which I wanted to make further changes to, then selects the single parameter currently selected in the Parameters Palette at the current frame.

    I don't understand why the priority is given to the Parameters Palette's selection, rather than what I am working on at the moment in the Animation Palette.

    Is anyone else struggling with this kind of behaviour, or is the Animation Palette behaving in exactly the way you want and expect?

    Here's a simple example in screen shots:
    First, the selection of a block of frames/parameters.
    0_1541932557898_Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.23.29 pm.png
    Next, I've clicked on the '+' button to add keyframes to the selection (and next want to set the interpolation types), but the current frame and Parameter selection has overridden the previous selection.
    0_1541932569454_Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.24.25 pm.png
    Lastly, scrolling back to the keyframes that were added, showing they've been deselected and breaking the workflow.
    0_1541932579772_Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.24.48 pm.png
    Additionally frustrating, is that I have a trackpad (I haven't used a mouse for over a decade) which will let me scroll vertically through the Animation Palette parameters with a two-finger drag, but won't scroll horizontally through the keyframe range with the same, standard, two-finger drag that scrolls every other wide content window in the direction of drag. Just not the Animation Palette! Why not?

  • If I remember right, to make it stay in one area you have to shrink down the play range to that area.

    I have made more than a few recommendations for the animation palette... Not sure if this has been brought up or not.

  • While I am sure it is doing what you say I am not sure I would like them to change the behavior to remain selected and take focus from my current parameter. I am not sure why you would be making changes to an area far from the current frame as you would not see what the change is going to do without doing a scrub through of the action (which brings you to the frames you were messing with in the first place).

    One other thing to consider is what would this change do to people who use layers? At the moment it is bad enough that Poser will expand a layers start and stop points if I make a change outside the current limits, what would happen if certain frames remain selected and I change to a layer where those frames are outside my current limits? Will it expand to include them?