A basic PMD question

  • I like to save characters that are fully dressed so I don't have to waste time repeating customizations. I loaded an older scene and it called for a PMD file of the character. I need to recreate the PMD file. I've recreated the character but how do I make the PMD file so I can save it to my runtime and poser can complete creating the scene?

  • You need to have "Use external binary morph targets" checked in the Save Files section of the Misc. tab on the general preferences (Edit menu/General Preferences - Or ctrl-K if on windows)for poser to save a .pmd with the file.

  • Interesting. I normally leave that box unchecked. Perhaps Poser resets that box every time start it up. I still should be able to save a character without that box checked and still have the morphs remain intact. I use the morph brush on some characters and clothing to fix poke-through. I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks for answering and not letting my question die a slow unanswered question.

  • @maestro do you not still have the PMD file that was saved with that scene originally? The PMD file is normally saved in the same location as the scene .PZ3 (or .PZZ) file or character file (.CR2 or .CRZ). If the separate character file was supplied by someone else, it should have come with the .PMD file. If you open the .CR2 file with a text editor, it should even show you where it expects the .PMD to be located.