Techno Tabby V4 A4 Elite Caveat

  • Re: Techno Tabby V4 A4 Elite - gloves

    I noticed this thread too late and as there was no satisfactory solution to the gloves rig problem, I wanted to warn any other users before they give this product a try.

    The gloves stopped working correctly sometime between versions 9 and 11 as far as I can remember it worked mostly fine in 8 and before.
    This product was originally for Aiko 3 and the version being sold for V4 is converted from that, so the rig is buggy:

    The gloves figure has two vestigial bones (lCoat1, rCoat1) which do nothing, and come out from the hip as if they were thigh bones.
    The hands actors have Twist, Side and Bend parameters, but the hand joints don't (!) and only have "ForeArm_ScaleX" without any Sphere zones whatsoever.

    Copying joints from V4 or from other similar gloves offers no positive results either.

    A few years ago while it was still possible I tried to contact the vendor through Daz3d yet there was no answer and I don't know if the vendor is aware of this problem.
    Daz3d seems okay with selling faulty content though.

    If any other user here with a better understanding of rigging could provide instructions on how to fix this issue, it would be appreciated.

  • Ah yes, this post
    I contacted DAZ support and it turns out due to the age of the product there is no interest in fixing it, so I received a refund instead. Out of curiosity though, I am interested in seeing what the eventual fix will be... it still functioned fine in DS3 and the fact it did work fine in earlier versions of Poser from what you said is interesting and makes me wonder what changed in Poser to break it.

  • @cobra perhaps it is referencing non-existent weight maps which causes Poser to ignore the spherical bend zones. You might check the joint editor on the figure and make sure it's spherical zones actually make sense and cover the relevant actors.

    I suspect that DS ignores the joint zones on conformed clothing and generates bending info from the base character on-the-fly, which Poser doesn't do.