3D Path Palette units locked to feet? Really?

  • Um, I'm really floundering here. I'd finally got around to learning what the new 3D path tool could do, since I wanted to animate a figure climbing a set of stairs (which I've had to hand tool manually in the past). I thought I'd play it safe and start with the Factory default scene of Andy2 with the primitive stairs prop scaled a bit to meet modern ergonomic standards of tread rise and going (their terms, not mine). I picked numbers arbitrarily near the middle of the acceptable ranges and have a rise of 180mm (0.18m) and going (or tread depth) of 285mm (0.285m).

    My Poser preference unit are metres.

    When I open the Path Palette and create a new path for Andy2, the end waypoint shows a Z of 10.0! Given the scene scale, and what a plan view shows, this can only mean 10 feet! Why is this ignoring the scene units? Is there some other preference configuration to tell the path palette what units to display or have the devs had a major brain fade and ignored Poser's configuration for their own unit preference?
    0_1542387972943_Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 3.59.42 am.png 0_1542387995591_Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 4.01.44 am.png

  • Has anyone actually done a successful, realistic stair climb animation in Poser using the walk designer and 3d path? I'm struggling to even get a walk path to traverse a set of stairs without the character zooming forward and back at each step. Do I just need to keep adding waypoints until I've replicated the shape of the stairs, and use lots of additive Z translations to counteract the hysteresis?
    0_1542436759194_Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 5.24.04 pm.png
    The walk designer, seems similarly unhelpful in it's abilities, given that the leg lift modifier lifts the trailing foot instead of the leading foot, and when dialled negatively, won't let the foot drop below the walk-in-place ground level.

    It really feels as though I'd be better off having the character kangaroo-hop up the stairs.

  • @anomalaus First, thank you for trying new things and showing some cool alternatives and ideas here.

    I want to stress that in our next major upgrade of Poser we plan to work further on this feature, adding looping paths, "auto-banking" (so that walk designer makes a little more sense when you try to have Andy run in a circle) and some other concepts that were missed during the first pass.

    Paths were originally calculated in "world space" but during beta we added the unit measurements based on general settings I believe. If not, I will revisit!

    In "world space" a grid square in the background dome is .88 which is an annoyingly arbitrary number. The unit "10 Z" is basically "1.0 world space", which is "a grid square + .12" or, as you have pointed out, 10 feet.

    I will look into this problem when I begin work on paths soon. Thank you for your feedback. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear about them, though we do have about 10 major things identified (including fixes) already.

    To answer your question:
    You need to create a simple ramp, not a complex set of "s" curves as you have done. Please keep in mind, there is no way to tell a foot to "auto-connect" with the ground (step surface). The path A-B where you've moved up the "b" position along the vertical, would help you move Andy up the stairs, but you can also individually adjust foot landings yourself for each step to help add to the accuracy.

    In the Walk Designer, you should have him "walk in place" before applying the path.