Automating Poser Models for Art Project

  • Hi,

    I'm working on an art project, and for it I need to generate lots of 'different' pictures of people of different ages and genders. I was wondering if Poser could do this.

    What I was thinking is: open a model (based on a random set of hair types, faces), change some features (hair color, skin color, clothes), add a pose, render a photo and save the scene out.

    I am ok with Python so I can probably script something if it comes to that.

    So before I buy Poser:

    • Is this possible?
    • Is this easy?

    Thanks! Please let me know!

  • I'll take the lack of reply as a 'no' and look at other options.

  • Yes it can be done. There is a randomise script. Yes yes yes yes yes yes.