Heads-Up for Discount on Marvelous Designer

  • Those who complained about MD being expensive were right. They are less right now.


    To get started with MS along with Poser:

    alt text

    User Forum on Rendo with dicussions on MDBridge for Poser.

    Tutorial part 1

    Tutorial part 2

    Making a PE Avatar for MD

    Example Project

    RosemaryR's MD stuffs on ShareCG

    cgnoobs' freebies on Rendo

  • @f_verbaas I can't even afford to LOOK at that offer. :)

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    @eclark1849 said in Heads-Up for Discount on Marvelous Designer:

    @f_verbaas I can't even afford to LOOK at that offer. :)

    Same here. LOL

  • @F_Verbaas Thanks for the heads up.

  • Daddy likes!! I smell a self Christmas gift!!

    That is, assuming I can read and understand the sales rules, which used to read something like "You can upgrade if you haven't upgrade before, provided your version is more than 4 but less than 7, then and if it the version a prime number with Hilbert multiplier then you get a discount! But if your version is more than 1 and divisible by 3 and not yet a multiple of 2, then maybe you can upgrade, or not, as soon as we figure it out ourselves - send us a letter and we'll decide... where are those d20 dice?"

  • You know what would really be cool and a complete gamechanger??? If... after making your clothes in Marvelous Designer, you could also rig and weightmap that clothing to work in Poser.

  • @eclark1849
    Working on exactly that. Generating FBM's by simulation is present subject. Next up will be grouping the object file.

    The cloth room is a good start but it has a few stoppers.

  • @fverbaas Now THAT I would definitely be interested in as well. I like using the Cloth Room, but I need to get used to creating conforming clothes too.

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    Hello, and happy to read the good news.
    FYI : Conventionally rigged conforming clothing needs vertex groups but Weight/Bulge mapped conforming clothing does not require vertex groups. => Clothing can be "rigged" (Weight and Bulge mapped) as a single "hip" group.
    Doing it manually requires a LOT of work, but doing it automatically could become a "game changer".
    This also prevents Poser to split up clothing into individual vertex groups with double verts at all welds.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters
    Thank you. Your exercises with single group figures there were well noted and that is a path I definitely like to keep open.
    I call it 'dual mode' clothing because it can be both conforming and dynamic. It opens the possibility of clothing that does the bulk posing (the difficult and time consuming part of dynamics) as a conformer but does final drape and poke-thru fixing (the difficult part of conforming) in a short dynamic phase. Within the limitations of Poser it therefore would represent the best of both worlds.

  • @miss-b
    You are welcome, but I have to do this alongside a day job so do not expect a solution next week.

  • @f_verbaas Not a problem, as I won't have time to experiment for a while, so I can wait.

  • @miss-b said in Heads-Up for Discount on Marvelous Designer:

    @fverbaas Now THAT I would definitely be interested in as well. I like using the Cloth Room, but I need to get used to creating conforming clothes too.

    I have the grouping script working now for PE. This script uses the information about the figure so (I expect) the grouping is more robust than the generic method used in the Fitting Room, and a lot less work. The result is sort of flying start for manual grouping.

    PoserPython cannot define groups, so I have the MDBridge import script adding the group declarations to the .obj file before loading.
    I am greatly indebted to PhilC because I used the approach in his 'obj2cr2', but more generalized.
    The group choice criteria are now hard-coded for standard PE. I want to make them depending on the character (the mannequin used for communication with PE) so the process will work also correctly for garments made for characters of non-standard sizes like litle Pudgly Elf.

  • Connection appears to work now.
    Garment made with MD via MDBridge, imported into Poser, grouped wiith the script and in the Fittting room only to get hte rig and morphs injected.
    Result is not perfect, way less than fill simulation, but is you need conforming quick and pretty workable.

  • @f_verbaas thank you very much for you work, its' very usable. It made me try MD and then bought it. I'm having fun with it. Experienced a crash or two programs, but it works very well. Cheers !

    Frustration is "why can't i do it with Antonia VM or Pauline or Andy" ? So i read scripts and I see it's hard coded.
    I'm trying to figure out what prevents the export of any figure and why its limited to the PE Mannequin only ? It is to get the obj in T and A pose ? Seems to me we can automate T and A pose generation from any figure ?
    Zero figure => T pose. reduce poly => export.
    Applying a default pose or asking for user to move figure to A pose export => A pose.
    This way we could export .obj for all poses and make a generic import / export ? Do i understand it right ?

    I'm a programmer but not expert of Python and dont know the poser or MD api.
    I can give some limited time and learn it and contribute if you want, cause your work is very valuable and generous and if it could be universal it would rock.


  • @lsauvage
    Thank you for your kind words.

    The system is universal indeed. I did use hard-coded references in the Beta because I wanted to get the comlicated parts of the system working with passable reliability first. The coding of the filename assigments is in a central location to plug in a datafile reference easily.

    The choice for PE as launch figure was because that was a figure I had at hand at that moment and because it came with a mannequin that was ready to use.

    Thank you for your kind offer to assist. I will contact you via sitemail shortly.

  • @lsauvage
    Please check your site chat on this forum.