will too many loaded brushes slow the program down?

  • Since loading about 40 new additional brushes into my tools palette, I've noticed a significant lag in accessing tools in CSP. My computer has 32 GB of Ram so I was hoping that It wasn't going to be a problem. What do you recommend for the library size per tool? I guess I could experiment by trial and error, but I wanted to hear your feedback to save time. Thanks in advance.

  • I have a huge number of brushes and have not noticed any change in performance as the collection has grown.... though there may be a longer wait when moving to a new subtool group if that group has too many brushes in it. I tend to have a maximum of 45 brushes per group.
    The bigger issue is how to organise lots of brushes so that you can find the one you want. I wish there was a wildcard/name search that you could use to find the less commonly used brushes.

  • @888toto Thanks for that information - I too have experienced a bit of a wait between switching to difference categories in addition to lagging in scrolling down the brush menu. I wished that having a larger faster machine would negate that.