Do you got Personality?

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    My friend just gave me this link to this personality test.


    The results are creepily close to the truth and can understand yourself and others better.

    My result was Diplomats Advocate....anyone with the same outcome?

    What did you get for results?

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    @bagginsbill Ooooh that's a nice one!
    Do you recognise yourself in it BB?

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    Absolutely. The site was really well done, for me anyway.

    Here are some of the description that seemed particularly accurate about me - I'm sure quite a few people here would recognize me in these points, even thought all you've ever seen of me is typing.


    Executives don’t give up their beliefs because of simple opposition. Executives defend their ideas and principles relentlessly, and must be proven clearly and conclusively wrong for their stance to budge.

    Straightforward statements and information are king, and Executive personalities return the honesty (whether it’s wanted or not).

    The problem with being so fixated on what works is that Executives too often dismiss what might work better. Everything is opinion until proven, and Executive personalities are reluctant to trust an opinion long enough for it to have that chance.

    Executives have strong convictions about what is right, wrong, and socially acceptable. Executives’ compulsion to create order often extends to all things and everyone, ignoring the possibility that there are two right ways to get things done. Executives do not hesitate to let these “deviants” know what they think, considering it their duty to set things right.

    Executives take pride in the respect of their friends, colleagues and community and while difficult to admit, are very concerned with public opinion.

    This need for respect fosters a need to maintain their dignity, which can make it difficult to cut loose and relax for risk of looking the fool, even in good fun.

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    Yes the Strenghts also fit you very well as far as I can tell knowing you from your posts.
    Direct and Honest
    Loyal, Patient and Reliable
    Enjoy Creating Order
    Excellent Organizers

  • I got INTP-A so that's Logician which I've never had on these types of tests and I never would have thought that logicians were visual creatives. But wow some of that describes me eerily well. D:

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    @johndoe641 Oh you're the second creative Logician I know!
    Imaginative and Original is one of the strengths, so def possible as a visual creative!

  • My personality is Mediator, hard to say, but yes quite true

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • I'm a defender

  • Well . . . I'm an ENTERTAINER (ESFP-A). Funny how I never would've characterized myself that way, but those questions were good ones, and I can't think of how I would've answered any of them differently.

    Thanks for the link Biscuits. I'm definitely going to be passing it along.

  • They think I'm a Mediator.

  • Mine came back as Commander ENTJ-A/-T. Given everything I have done career wise it seems to be fairly accurate.

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    Sounds like (after the descirption, )I am a jerk. lol

  • They obviously didn't have Chaotic, Neutral BARD, so I got ADVENTURER (ISFP-T).

    I remember doing one of those card ranking personality tests after the Tech Wreck, when, along with hundreds of colleages, I was made redundant and the company coughed up for some placement counselling. They said I was "complex" then, too. I blame environment and nurture. Oh, and a touch of OCD, too. ;-)

  • Apparently I am The Architect (INTJ-A). Reading about it I can certainly see similarities. However, whether that's necessarily a good or bad thing is another question altogether....... :)

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    Awesome so many different outcomes!

    Oh I admire some of your personalities a lot!

    And if your partner is defender, your golden!

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    @ladonna We all know your aren’t a jerk!

    But a brainstorming session with you sounds good!

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    @biscuits A few stuff fit perfect. But one thing is wrong. I choose my friends very carefully and have only 1 really very good one.
    I am loyal till the bone, once you have my trust, I follow you everywhere. But when you are letting me fall and lie, cheat with me, I become your most worst enemy. And this is how I choose my friends. Honesty and loyality are for me a must for a deeper friendship.
    I hate lying, even when it hurts, I ask the people always to be honest with me, I can carry a hurtful true betther than a sweet lie.

  • Aparently I'm a Campaigner Personality (ENFP, -A/-T)
    Not sure, lol.

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    @biscuits Yes, Brainstorming , I am pretty good with this. My husband use to ask me of my POV about some problems they have at work, ( Engineering ) .Even when I am not one, but many times I could give him the impulse how to focus on his problems and isolate it. I am a very good analyst and use to turn everything upside down to get the problem nailed.