Cycles - Nylon Shader

  • I'm trying to use a shader setup I found on the RDNA forum. To get some guru's attention I'll say it was based on the BB Nylon Shader (which I haven't found. Yet) Here is the link.

    Superfly Nylon Shader

    Here is the setup and the picture of what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I used the V4 Support Hose for the same shader settings/parameters. I do not believe I missed anything.

    Here is my setup and my result.
    Setup. Compare with above.
    0_1479791294550_Nylon Testing PreRender.jpg
    and the result
    0_1479790873318_Nylon Testing.jpg

    As you can see it doesn't look black shaded opaque stockings at all. There is no reinforcement at the thigh or toe and the sheerness seems wrong. The first rule of art is "Does it look the way you want?" My answer would have to be no.

    What am I doing wrong?

    We can deal with the second question of how the artist got the stockings to drape over the chair and with the proper shading another day.

    Thank you for any and all help.

  • do you have a bigger image for the first picture. It is too small for me to read.

  • nevermind I got the link

  • My first thought before hooking it all up is that it might be using "Color Math" nodes and you might be using regular math nodes. I don't think the regular math nodes work when you plug them into a color input. I'll hook it up and see if I can get it working.

  • Thanks Ghostship. I wondered about the lack of color in the nodes but I've learned first copy then experiment. According to the shader above (Ya I know the pic is small but it didn't copy properly out of the HTML page) they used just those nodes. I showed the shader pictures of that head and I realize I'm missing something or my parameters are incorrect.

    Thank you for help, ghostship!

  • Something else that bothers me is the use of comma's in the parameters. That can't be right, can it.

  • @maestro On the add function the .1 should be -.1

  • The adjustment yielded immediate results. The stockings are dark, opaque and should render well under higher settings.

    Do you have any idea what would be needed to give the top thigh band the proper shade? I think it should be darker.

    Thank again, ghostship!

  • I did some research on Layers. To solve my thigh band problem I added a transparency map to another layer and rendered.

    This is the medium quality setting. I may have solved my problems.0_1479804373417_Nylon Testing Layers.jpg

  • @maestro don't waist your time with layers on this one. if the top part of the hose is a separate material zone just darken the INNER COLOR on the edge blend node and you will get the results you were after.

    0_1479830828262_nylon gloves.jpg

  • @maestro In fact you should be able to use the inner and outer color selectors to change the color of the hose or even plug in texture maps for more fancy things like fishnet or lace.

  • Unfortunately, the materials used by JJtrout for these stockings consist of 3 maps. One Specular, One Transparency and one Bump map. There are NO material zones. I like your selection and what you did with those gloves (amazing) to prove your point, however as long as I use these stockings it's not an option.

    On another bright side, at least I know what was done with those same stockings draped over the chair at the beginning of the thread.

  • @maestro plug your transparency map into the inner color of the blend node and you should get the results you need.

  • I am assuming you mean the Edge Blend node that I already have. My results were the tops and bottom were lighter than the rest of the stockings. Sigh. Perhaps I should switch to stockings that have the top and bottom as separate material zones but I'm learning more by doing it the long way.

    Here is failure results without the extra layer.

    Sidebar. may I ask what gloves you are using?

    Thanks for your help, ghostship.

  • @maestro upload/post the trans map and I can fix it for you, or you could take it into Photoshop or Gimp and do that yourself. The glove that I posted is one for Vicky 3 and I have no idea where I got it from (14 years ago maybe) There are two long glove models for V4 over at Rendo if you need some for that.

  • Retro elegance is always in style so I'll be looking for those long gloves. Though I've learned a bit so I might go second skin.

    Here is the transmap for the stockings. I notice it's lighter at the tops and bottom. I thought it should be the other way around.

    The transmap is 3000 x 3000, over 1M in size and too large to post here. Could we swap emails and I'll send it to you?

    I'll send you mine as soon as I can figure out the system they have here.

  • That's rather a tough call. Both 3D Age and Hongyu make really good stuff. I did burn through my budget when PP11 went on sale last month but still...something to think about.