Discussion about the upcoming 1.8.3 update

  • "New ki function for automatic colorize, extensive improvements in animation functions and a new service to share comics on social media via a viewer!"

    From the Celcys post on Facebook. I must say I am a bit disappointed to see them waste time on such useless gimmicky features as automated coloring with machine learning. I couldn't find any more information but I suspect they are not interested in fixing basic functionality such as being able to save brush sets. I haven't looked into animation yet so I can't comment on that. Social meda service for sharing comics sounds like useless bloat aswell. Anyone been able to gather more information?

  • my bad, should be 1.8.4.

  • On my main workstation I stopped upgrading at 1.72. In fact there has only been one thing useful to me added since about 1.5. On my touch sensitive laptop I am at a recent version just to pick up the fixes to the originally flaky touch interactions ( and they certainly have cleaned that up). All the rest from version after version is, to me too, just gimmicky bloat that is disappointing because basic functions ( like decent text) have not been improved since the first release. However, this is just my perspective and perhaps for some the new functions are important.... I don't mind sharing on this matter -I just want those who liked the original purpose for this app to get some improvements too. In fairness to Celsys I would say that the bloat is only visible if you want it...It does remain reasonably hidden from those of us who see it as useless.

  • Yeah I think I'll stop right there at 1.8.2, I feared that with all the extra stuff that It will start to get sluggish like PSH.
    This is a drawing program....just DRAW!!!!

  • Guys, they fixed the interpolation issue. This is very good news.

  • @megalosaurus what is that?

  • @rarewill the scaling function used to be broken as every operation appeared to be made with the nearest neighbour algorithm. I had to open up another image editing software to do basic bilinear upscale. This has been a real pain in the butt but now it's fixed, so that's the best thing with this update for me.

  • @megalosaurus aaahhhh....gotcha, thanks

  • The update is not up to the point and we all users are looking for the advanced version of the updates. I was doing a project and I was looking for the advanced update but that not happened and my plugins uae also did not work.