Guess Toon Santa 2018 Returns! Ends December 1, 2018

  • This is our 13th iteration of Toon Santa but fortunately he doesn't run out of lives like Doctor Who. Toon Santa is our original Santa for Poser. Each year we ship a new themed Santa and run a theme contest. What's this year's theme? Meshbox Design will accept answers either here on Smith Micro Poser forum OR on the Mirye Software thread. You can also find instructions there on registering your Toon Santa purchase from Content Paradise there for upgrade pricing.

    alt text

    These were the previous releases - don't guess these:

    • Classic Red Santa
    • King of the North Pole Santa
    • Conductor Santa
    • Snow Mountain Santa
    • Steampunk Santa
    • Father Christmas
    • Gentleman Santa (Victorian disguise)
    • Chef Santa
    • Wild West Santa
    • Fedoraville Santa (1950s style disguise)
    • Young Santa
    • Raypunk Santa (1960s Space Santa)

    The theme this year is kind of easier than previous year's.

  • @meshbox Forgot to mention the prize!

    The correct guess wins you one of our $49 model sets of your choice (you can pick Toon Santa 18 Bundle if you want!). Most of them include a full 8 building models - seven publicly available models plus a bonus model that isn't separately for sale. For example, the Haunted Crypt in Haunted Village Volume 2 is not available separately.

  • This contest ends at 6 PM today, so don't miss out! You will kick yourself when you find out what the answer is...

  • Poser Ambassadors

    A Pandora Avatar Santa. :D

  • And the contest is closed! Checking now on the various sites, ours, mirye store, facebook, etc to see if there's a winner...