Collar expands when using Cloth room

  • Hey everyone,
    The following are the steps that I took to make a long sleeve shirt drape onto the figure Ryan - Poser 11, MacBook Pro, OS 10.10.4 and this is my first time using the Cloth room:

    1. loaded the "Tshirt Longsleeve" from James' clothes
    2. adjusted the shoulder and forearms to fit Ryan
    3. used fitting room to create a new figure
    4. exported the new figure as an obj file
    5. imported the obj file
    6. applied texture that I created in the material to the shirt
    7. applied pose on frame 30
    8. used default settings in Cloth room
      It worked great, except for some reason the collar is too big at the end frame. In the zero position, it is perfect.

    Is there anything that I can do to make the collar fit better at the end frame?

    Please view the following dropbox links to see what I am referring to above:
    Beginning frame as perfect as I could of imagined
    End frame - the collar is too wide

    BTW, if you have suggestions on how to make the bicep areas not be so crumbled looking, then I would appreciate that as well.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Tarik (Tah-Rick)

  • I can't tell from the first image, but my first guess is that there is that there is a lot of space between the shirt's shoulders and the figure's giving it a chance to sag. You can try making the shirt a tighter fit. If that is the case, it might help. You can also try constraining the collar. ( add the collar to the constraint group) or increase the stretch dampening.

    For the crumpled arms, check to make sure the forearm and bicep aren't interesting at the elbow and also the bicep and the body at the shoulder. It may look smoother if you subdivide the shirt once. Like your own shirt, you'll still get some wrinkles because the fabric wrinkles up there. The other option is to use the smooth morph brush.

    and just a quick tip. If you change step 3 to spawn prop, rather than create figure, you can skip steps 4 and 5.

  • Thanks @redphantom ,
    Your suggestions worked:
    dropbox link to image

    The only thing left to figure out, is how to make Ryan's chest look more masculine. I guess by making the collar remain in place by using the constrained tool it causes the chest area to become more compressed.

    Any suggestions how I can improve that?

  • @redphantom
    After a little bit more time to processes my own question, I realized that I needed to use a figure, so that I could constrain only the neck, instead of the collar areas

    dropbox link to image in cloth room of figure constraint neck, left & right hands

    The result is that the chest area looks just fine

    Of course you can see that I have new issue at the bottom of the shirt. I tried constraining both the hip and waste, but it seems to "curl it"

  • @redphantom
    Once again, thank you for your suggestions, which has lead me to the following:

    Full rendering
    Here are the settings I used

  • Looks good. glad I could help