Brush Problem

  • I've been having this issue with the brushes in Clip Studio Paint, which I can't replicate in any other art program. This only happens when I update my Wacom drivers beyond 6.3.29-6. (With every new driver update, I install it hoping that it's fixed, but it never is and I have to rollback my driver.) With the new Clip Studio Paint update, I hoped the issue was fixed, but it's still there. When I switch from WinTab to Tablet PC, however, the issue is gone.

    alt text

  • It looks very much like the effect you get if the "brush Stroke" setting on the sub tool detail>correction tab is set to something over 10 ( best left at zero). However I can't think why that would be affected by a driver update.

  • Messing with the Correction did nothing to fix the issue. Even at zero, the line at the start of the stroke was there. I did a search online and found others mentioning the same issue. Their only solution was to rollback the driver. Wacom did reach out to me on Twitter with a possible fix (removing all traces of "Wacom" from my computer), but the link they gave me for the driver to install was the one I keep rolling back to.