Poser 11.1 Installation

  • I just purchased Poser 11.1 and installed it. The content update installer didn't work, but then I read in the support section that the updates are included in the Poser 11.1 application/content downloads. I, did however, install the updater for the software, but that appeared to be to be for Poser 11 to Poser 11.1. So did doing that hurt anything? Should it be okay or did I screw up my installation?

    I really wanted to have my Poser 11.1 library on my secondary hard disk, but when the content updater didn't work I uninstalled Poser and placed the Content in default users directory. Is it better to have it there?

    Do I need to reinstall the software, or should I be good to go. It seems to be working okay, but I haven't done any scenes in it yet.