Poser 11.1 Installation

  • I just purchased Poser Pro 11.1 the other day and installed the program, with my content on a secondary hard drive. I thought the Download Manager would only show updates that were actually needed to update my current version of the software. When I saw the updaters I didn't realize they were for Poser 11.0. I could install the program update; which I later realized was for Poser 11 to 11.1 which had been downloaded and already installed. I uninstalled the software and reinstalled into the content into the default Common Files directory it not taking the alternate location of the first attempt, but the installer still wouldn't install the content update. Then I researched it in the Technical Support here (I had searched but hadn't found an adequate explanation for this. The support article said that if you installed the 11.1 installation files, the content updates were already included. My question is did I mess anything up by installing the program update for 11 to 11.1? If so do I need to reinstall again, Poser seems to be running okay now, but I've not really done anything with it yet.