Pose will not Render

  • Right Off, I'm new so don't underestimate simple solutions :P

    I'm using Victoria 4 with a Steampunk Wilde outfit. After several successful renders, it now just gives a solid black render. I loaded other poses I had previously worked on, and they still render fine with both engines. I went as far as to delete props one at a time, to see if one was "buggy" but still, black screen. I then completely starter over. I got Victoria in the right pose, then rendered with success. But by the time I threw on the clothes and tweeked the body etc--solid black renders again.
    The only thing I notice is when it stops rendering, as I rotate in Preview, it appears that there are holes in clothing that weren't there before. I use an GeForce GTX 1060. And while I'm here....where do I go to make sure Poser is using the graphics card instead of the lame motherboard video chip? Thanks in advance everyone!

  • @wesley first thing I would check is if there is something in the way of the camera. A prop wall might be in the way and not evident in the preview.

  • Also switch to CPU rendering as it might be that you are running out of GPU ram.

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    For starters, it would be good to share your render settings when having render issues.
    Many things have a say in rendering; For starters bucket size. => FireFly and SuperFly need the opposite bucket size to facilitate rendering.
    In CPU and FireFly and with enough RAM => bucket size can go up to 256 or 512 or even 1024.

    Cycles is running around the moon and back when not set to lower values like 32, or better 16, or even 8.
    Just the bucket size example;
    There is plenty of study material available on the net for CPU/GPU/Cycles render optimal settings.

    Video card is more then OK, so either you are running out of video memory, or some render settings are in conflict.

    Best regards, Tony

  • Could you post a screen shot of the scene you want to render?
    This would be helpfull if one can see what kamera angle and position you have set up.
    One commen error i tend to make after almost 10 years experience with poser is, i regulary ignore the floor.
    For some dramatic shot, figure seen out of the frog perspective, i positioned the kamera below the floor.... and the render was pitch black.
    It took me a while to find out the reason and it was frustrating.