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    I changed the default lighting to a Poser preset and it rendered! But if the default lighting is off, why can I see the preview just fine. The figure looks just fine with the default lighting.

  • @wesley the scene has to be lit somehow. If you turn off the lights you won't see anything in the render be cause, you know, you turned off the lights.

  • I had a similar problem once where I was using a sky dome and somehow got it set to "cast shadows." All of my lights were infinite lights, not spotlights, so they were originating outside of the scene and were supposed to pass through the dome.

    If you do that, you'll see your scene lit normally in the preview, but when you render it will come out black, because the dome is now opaque and is blocking all of your light sources.

  • @wesley if the black render is due to light sources being blocked by scene elements, you can check what each of the scene's lights will illuminate in the render, by selecting each light's associated shadow camera in turn. If you find any shadow cams that have something blocking the scene, you can be sure that their associated light's emission will not contribute to illuminating the render.

    @franklcr 's sky domes, and a previously suggested "camera accidentally below ground level" are scenarios that can be quickly checked with a Raytrace Render preview. There are also some discrepancies between the various render engines' handling of camera "hither" settings and the preview "renderer". I've frequently had situations where I accidentally positioned a camera just outside a room I was trying to render the contents of. The preview followed the camera's hither setting and "correctly" clipped the walls close to the camera so I could see the scene inside, but the render engine either ignored or interpreted the hither value differently, and rendered the walls from the outside. Since all the light sources were inside the walls, I got a black render.

    I've also had a spotlight which was parented to a camera (like an Outside Broadcast TV camera) that I'd stupidly moved a metre behind the camera to give a wider light cone at the subject (rather than just increasing the Angle End setting). Having put the camera just inside the walls of the room, to avoid the hither issue, the parented light still remained outside, so again, a black render.