How do I know Poser is using my GeForce Card?

  • I have a GeForce GTX 1060, but I'm having some serious trouble when zooming into a figure (I'm using the Main Camera). When trying to pan back out, the graphics start to shake and move on their own making zooming out impossible. The whole picture freaks out and sometimes I complete lose sight of the figure. I can't seem to zero out the Main Camera--perhaps there is no option.
    I remembered in the second Tutorial on Rendering, that there is a drop down menu in Superfly to change the graphics card. I wanted to make sure the GTX was active but the drop down menu is grayed out and reads: Intel Core i7--3635QM @ 2.40. So I believe that might be my generic motherboard graphics chip.
    Thanks for any help.

  • Added note, in my Windows settings Device Manager, it says the card is "working properly."

  • Which version of poser are you using? Only poser 11 pro supports superfly gpu rendering.
    To make sure poser always uses your graphics card for preview you can set the gtx as your default graphics adaptor (from the nVidea control panel I believe) or if you start poser from a desktop shortcut you can it to use the gtx card from that. There are probably other ways to set it up, and someone more expert with windows than me might be able to tell you.
    Another option is when setting up scenes use another display style, I use smooth lined, as this cuts down on the lag. I'm not sure that the graphics card has much effect in preview mode, poser is mostly single threaded and the cpu seems to be the bottle neck. When I've looked at this with resource manager, with a simple scene just moving the camera around one thread of the processor is operating at maximum boost frequency while most of the rest are idle.

  • To see how you’re PC is using CPU and GPU resources you can use “cpu z” and “gpu z”. Poser 2014 pro doesn’t use very much processor power when you set up poses or scenes as j.naylor73 said: “one thread of the processor is operating at maximum boost frequency while most of the rest are idle” the GPU isn’t used at all or at a very low level. I think Poser 11 will use more GPU power while rendering. I don’t know if Poser 11 uses more power through the setup and posing process.

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    What j.naylor73 say. GPU is only available in PoserPro 11.

  • Thank you all for your help! I think it's resolved. I checked my nVideo control panel, and it was set to "Auto Select" between the CPU and the GeForce. I changed it to "High Performance Video Card" and everything is already usable and much much smoother, perfect actually. It through me for a loop because it worked fine for me the first two weeks that I've owned Poser 11. Somehow, I think the default card changed.
    Thanks again