Painting collar for Jame's long sleeve shirt

  • Hey guys,
    I am trying to create a texture using the texture of Jame's long sleeve shirt, but when I color the collar in Photoshop, then the results do not come out as I would expect. Can anyone tell me how I can correct this?

    Bad collar that is painted
    Good collar that is not painted

    The following are the templates that I am using for the two aforementioned textures:
    Painted collar template
    No painted collar template

    As you can see, I am painting in the areas where the collar should be, but as you can also see, the results are not what I would like.

    Thanks in advance

    BTW, if you can fix it, then please do and please provide me with an explanation as well.

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    I don't have your answer, but please stop posting images to dropbox. This site permits you to upload directly in your post, so we don't have to follow links and deal with dialog boxes trying to get us to load your image into my dropbox account.


  • @bagginsbill Sorry about that

  • Here are the four images instead of links
    Bad collar:
    Good collar:

    The site is giving me an error that I do not have privileges to upload any more, but you can download the two psd files from the links above

    Thanks in advance

  • I will check that later this day, seems an interesting problem.

  • Hi tam2000k2, here are my take on your Texture thing.
    Hope that helps.
    1_1544049560414_2.png 0_1544049560414_1.png

    1.png has a noise layer to mimic fabric, turn it into a grayscale picture and use it as a bumpmap.

  • Thanks @marco
    1.png from face cam with grayscale image in bump:

    1.png from face cam without bump:

    2.png from aux cam without bump:

    The collar looks pretty solid in any case. Not sure about the bump for the fabric but I will begin to experiment with these for my renderings.

    Thank you once more @marco and I will post back with the results after completed

  • @tam2000k2
    It was a pleasure to be helpfull.
    Do you have a solution for your face room problem?
    I have not use them for ages...if i open that door, some ugly spiders of the size of german shepards will jump up and eat me alive.

  • @marco oddly enough, it turned out to be a lighting and a position (deformations) work around.

    By a little experimentation, I discovered this when I added the other characters to the scene and their images worked just fine with Superfly. As a result, I played around pointing a spot light directly at the character Kirk and I could finally see the image from the face room come through.

    Along with having the character standing, instead of using the sitting in the captain's chair pose, I found that the face remained unchanged from the zero position pose.

    The character still does not come through as well as the other character's image from the Face room - see Spock, McCoy, Chekov and Sulu - they work as expected

    Here is the result:
    0_1544119924177_Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 10.11.44 AM.png

    BTW, I used your idea of adding noise to the bump, but through Poser's Material room> 3d texture> noise and I set the bump to 0.001. Do you have other suggestions to make the texture appear more like a cloth?

  • @tam2000k2
    That depends what kind of cloth i need.
    I have some grayscale textures with different fabric patterns, but sometimes i just add a noise node to the material.
    Vour resultes are pretty impressive btw.
    If you interested, on is a guy called mylocha, he provides a broad variety of hair props for startrek characters like Spock, Bones, Kirk, Uhura etc.

  • @marco Yeah, I originally used Mylochka's hair objects, but I wanted to learn how to make them for myself. I did use her TOSB52 (Uhura's hair), because it is perfect with no where to improve. I have heard her voice on a youtube video and that is why I think she is a she.

    When using the noise node, what do you set the bump to? 0.02?

  • @tam2000k2
    So he is not a guy, because she is a girl? Thats funny!
    The bump setting question is a bit difficult to answer, because the setting depends on the settings of measuremant system.
    I like to set poser to mm and my system (OS) is german.
    After some testing last month, i discovered that this global settings are influencing even whole parts of Poser.
    The 3D Path tool is not avaible to my, until i switch my whole system and the keyboard settings to English US. But thats shit, because that means i have to buy a keyboard in the english US layout, don't do that, no chance.
    So, if i want to have some pretty decent bump in my pictures, i set the value to 0.8. If this comes out to harsh, i tend to play with the Texture Strength, befor i decrease the bump value.
    There are several dailes to make changes.
    One thing is always do is to set the bump to minus values, just to see if the texture looks better in reverse.

  • @tam2000k2

    Just as a side note, without wanting to go OT:

    Marvellous scene! Of all of them especially "Bones" is spot-on!

    The added detail of Sulu with his Samurai sword (which is too large b.t.w, - scale it down to about 70%),

    and Scotty with the "...oh it's - emm - it's green!" bottle of Aldebaran whisky - man do I get goosebumps!


  • @marco About the minus values in bump, I have just rendered another scene using -2 for the min and 1 for the max in the Noise node. When I tried 0.8, as I saw some dynamic clothes are set to the same, the shirts looked like they were water logged in some parts.

    I will try your suggestions for changing the texture strength in the bump. I am assuming that if I turn down the texture strength, then I can set the Bump to 0.8. Is this what you are suggesting?

    The following are my settings on all tunics (shirts)

    0_1544145245956_Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.01.22 AM.png


    As far as Mylochka goes,

  • Thanks for the kind words @karina I appreciate it. I just rendered another scene with some fixes - see my reply to Marco

    As far as the comment on Sulu's sword, when you say the scale of the sword should be at 70%, are you referring to the overall scale or the y scale? Do you think it is too long? too wide, etc...

    Thanks in advance

  • Here is the final render using the Noise node with a min set to -2 and max set to 1. This give a slight "sparkle" effect, which makes the clothes look like they are fabrics


    Collars are perfect - thank you @marco

  • @tam2000k2 lol, I just worked out what seemed weird about this render. The heads and props are all casting shadows, but there's no floor to receive the shadows. I do like the composition, though.

  • @tam2000k2
    That looks pretty good to me!
    I think the important thing in the material room is the urge for discover new ways to create new things. Break the rules or bend them..take nothing as written in stone.
    The more you try the more experience you get.
    Try some basic stuff.
    Think of materials as layers of color, structur and surface effects, like glossy or reflection.
    Deconstruct a material, what are the propertys of the material, is it shiny or mat, is it a havy structured surface, or smooth?
    I have found that time, spend in the material room, is well spended time, because good shader can make a mediocre scene look great, but a bad shader can ruin a master piece.

  • @tam2000k2 said in Painting collar for Jame's long sleeve shirt:

    As far as the comment on Sulu's sword, when you say the scale of the sword should be at 70%, are you referring to the overall scale or the y scale? Do you think it is too long? too wide, etc...

    Thanks in advance

    I guess this is DAZ's "Multi-Sword" with the Katana morphs?
    Scale the BODY to 70% : a Katana should be about 90 centimetres long.
    Also don't forget to scale your figures to real-world scales!
    George Takei was only 167 cm "tall"...

    THEN make it a prop (no need of a clumsy figure for a simple sword prop):