Clip Studio Pro Cell alignment

  • Is there any way to draw a new rectangular cell that keeps on the same horizontal as the cells beside it, without needing to do it all from eye? Like a short-cut or hotkey that automatically lines it up?

  • It does not have an "alignment" tool/option like Adobe Illustrator but it has multiple ways of solving the problem. The main one is to use the FRAME tools.... making a larger box and then using the Frame divider tool to split it up perfectly aligned and perfect gutter sizes. The default of those tools creates loads of folders and layer which you may not want.... but you can change the properties of the Frame Rectangle tool so that it all goes on a single layer ( that's the way I use it).
    if you really want to use the regular rectangle tool then you can add a linear ruler across the page and draw your rectangles up from that ruler.. automatically aligned...for a next row of frames use the object tool to drag the ruler down the page and then draw your next set of frames.
    You can also display the grid and use "Snap to Grid" for very easy and quick positioning of aligned frames.

    Don't forget that there are also standard page frame layouts available in the materials.

    Do put your frames on a vector layer so that you can easily use the object tool to re-size or adjust position.