Maya and Poser - can you export FBX and preserve blenshapes?

  • Hi!

    I've tried finding an answer on the forum, but maybe I did not dig deep enough or didn't use proper words in search. So I've decided to post a new topic.

    I have a question about exporting and importing the FBX. Here is the situation I wish to do:

    I've tried modifying the face of "Ben" boy model in Poser through Morphing tool. I was not satisfied with the results, so I was thinking of exporting the model as FBX into the Maya, adjust his face to my liking, and reimport him back into the Poser. I wish to make him more cartoony, but using his default face as the template.

    When reimported, will it still have blend shapes? Sure, I would have to adjust them, but would face mesh still react to sliders? What about the rest of his body?

    I'm using the Poser 11 (basic) and not Pro, so I cannot try this out myself.

    Thank you for the answers beforehand!

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    The usual method to do this is to export the head as an OBJ, then modify it in a modeling app - making SURE that you do not change vertex count (you can move but not delete or add any vertices).
    Then, import the new head as a morph target (go to the head properties and use the Load Morph Target button).

    An alternative would be to use GoZ with ZBrush.

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    Hello, go to my YouTube channel to find out how to personalize "morph" Poser figures.

    Best regards, Tony

  • Thank you both very much for the answers! You have been very helpful - I shall try out the suggestions and hope for the best!

    @wimvdb Good to know about the poly count. In previous projects, this gave me a bit of the headache, so thanks for the heads-up!

    @vilters Thank you so much for the video! It's a pity it didn't come in the search tab on youtube when I was looking for answers. :(

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    The problem with Autodesk programs (3DS MAX, Maya, etc), is that they do NOT support Poser groupings. When you load a grouped OBJ from Poser, Maya will automatically split it into separate body groups, which turn your morphs invalid when you go back to Poser. This happens because Autodesk programs understand "groups" as split geometries, which will break your model, and invalidate any morphs.

    The only way around this is to export the specific body group you want to morph, and take care not to change anything at the open edges. When you export the morph target, you can load it back as a "local" morph using Object -> Load Morph Target. This will affect only the specific group and nothing else.

    If you want to morph more than one group, you cannot use any programs from Autodesk. First of all, do NOT export any figures from Poser. Exporting from Poser will split the geometry into multiple parts, which will invalidate your morphs. Instead, use the original OBJ from the Geometries folder. From this point on, your options are limited to only a few programs that understand Poser groups: Blender3D, Modo and zBrush. These programs are guaranteed to preserve your OBJ in one piece, and therefore produce valid morph targets.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • @ken1171 Oh, thank you for this information! I was having some problems with Maya, especially the body (as you said, I couldn't modify the body at the seams), when I was trying out the suggestions. I will try out Blender and see how it goes! :)