Project Evolution ORIGINAL Purchase Promised Update

  • Where is it? Where is Ero? Is that site actually Ero's? Somehow I think we got ripped off.
    I don't know any other way to get info about Ero Evolution. So HOW long have we waited? We, the first ones to pay him. This ain't right.

  • Which update was promised? He said he'd work on stuff eventually but no given date was said.

    Also, didn't ero mention that he was traveling or something at some point? Whatever the reason for his absence, I'm sure either ero himself or another trusted person is or will be working on some kind of update eventually. PE was all ero lived for until its release, maybe he just needed a large break so he could get back to making his comics.

    Even if an update to PE is a long way off, PE is still the best Poser figure to date with a nice amount of vendor support right now. What we got I find very usable.

  • Evolution ONE. Now, after posting that little one here I rediscovered CGBytes, went there and found all the files still the same. I groused in the wrong way in the right place and a very kind person looked beyond my grousing and told me to simply reset my DL's and all the pertinent file have already been there. No further grousing to come on this. I suppose I could have simply asked the manager there about the issue and would have been given answer much sooner.
    If you're an Early Edition buyer and don't yet have Evolution ONE, that is how I got my update.
    Yep I am sure he wants to get back to real life, family and making comics again. No I didn't know anything about his real life issues.
    PE is certainly a very different, complex and extremely useful human Figure. It IS lighter than a 'fully morphs loaded' DAZ Gen4 or Genesis 2 Figure and more "pliable" than any other Figure Pose can load, even its own. Not kindness, simply experience using the whole pile of them.
    thanks for your response, johndoe641

  • Yaknow, if I could delete that first post, I think I would. And mention that I got my Evolution ONE updated files, and how I was told to do it. No need for drama.

  • All that really matters is that you did get that update. No worries