What are you hoping for in Poser 11.1.1?

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    @anomalaus Not having direct interaction with most of the DAZ files or program the information about them not encrypting is from the forums were it is stated they aren't doing encrypting and if they are not what is the value of DAZ connect when DIM supposedly does the same thing, just can't handle encryption. It was stated that all files that use to be encrypted are now available in an un-encrypted state. If that includes HD morphs I don't know but if it can be downloaded with DIM or manually then they should be open.

    As I understand it, Connect was designed to do two things. One was to deliver encrypted content (an "experiment" that seems to have failed, an important side note is that all of the encrypted content could be exported to un-encrypted, so it was really easy to "fix" - all of the encrypted content reverted to un-encrypted one year after release, and AFAIK there has been no new encrypted content for quite a while, there is no longer any encrypted content). The second was to make it easier for new users to install content, and to find compatible new content without leaving DS. It seems that DAZ was right, as many (most?) new users typically have no knowledge about DIM, until they purchase something that isn't Connect compatible. I never use Connect, still prefer DIM, but Connect does fit well with the way many young people are used purchasing things (in app purchases).

    The HD morphs are a completely different issue. It is a technology that is specific to DS, and only available for DAZ PA's. It's basically the ability to sculpt a sub-d mesh in say zBrush, and import that sculpt back into DS. There is no way to export the HD morphs directly to a usable figure (i.e. a rigged figure subdivided figure). However the HD morphs can be exported as an .obj, so if someone with the proper knowledge/skills wanted to, they could design an export/import process that would use the subdivided .obj as a rigged figure in Poser, or another application. But, I'm sure it would take a lot of programming because you would need to evaluate all the jcm's, weight maps, etc. and apply those to the new sub-d figure. So it is possible in theory, but in reality it may simply be too difficult to be worth the work.

    So in essence, the HD morphs aren't encrypted, it's just exporting them with a rigged mesh isn't possible (either not enabled, or they don't exist in DS in an easily exportable format). But, AFAIK, the static "sculpted" HD .obj is exportable (I could be wrong on this, because I have never tried it, but I have read forum posts that say it is possible).

  • @eclark1849 First things first, No is not Know.
    I did not noticed the error until i read you quote of my text.
    Sorry for that and for being late.
    Sometimes live happend and things get wired.
    To make my point clear, i did not wrote you are arrogant, i wrote your comment where rude and dum, because it seemes to me, there is always a negative undertone in what you are saying.
    You getting angry as soon as someone metioned Daz Studio and the Genesis Platform is a red signal to you.
    To mention the wish to use this figures in poser is obviously a kind of sacrileg to you.
    But thats not helping and that is not construktiv to solve problems, you might not have.
    The people who wrote what they want to see in the next installment of poser have workt with the program and have seen limitations they want to be overcome.
    If you are happy with the program as it is, thats fine, but not the case for any of us.
    And this attitude shows up in your post, most of the time.
    Im sure you know your poser, not questioning that at all.
    I think it would be a good thing to start a constructive conversation to make thing in and for poser better, without throwing Daz3d under the bus, at least my beloved V4 was created by them.

  • @marco I have two problems with Genesis. Ironically neither of which is actually a problem for me.
    A. Genesis does not work natively in Poser.
    B. People seem to think I have a problem with Genesis. I don't. I DON"T USE GENESIS. WHY WOULD I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A FIGURE I DON'T USE?

    I use Blender more than I use Poser these days. Frankly, after the last few days in this forum, I'm beginning to see that as an omen.

    Look, I'm sorry whatever I have said or done in the last year and a half has apparently pissed off so many people that they feel the need to see subtext in every post I write. I apologize and I'll quit posting so much. Gives me more time to play with Blender.

  • @eclark1849
    Man, this is like riding a chicken with a dead elephant straped to my back.
    Why this passiv-aggressiv behavior?
    Did i say to shut up? No, i said, please lets have a constructive conversation.
    Maybe we had have a wrong start and went to the wrong end until now.

  • I think it is time to just let the Genesis thing go.

  • @eclark1849 It's like every other Poser forum on the internet, Earl. DS users come in, overwhelm the forum, bury Poser renders in DS renders and eventually turn another Poser forum into a DS forum.

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    @eclark1849 It's like every other Poser forum on the internet, Earl. DS users come in, overwhelm the forum, bury Poser renders in DS renders and eventually turn another Poser forum into a DS forum.

    :roll eyes: :sigh:
    How about that:
    "It's like every other Poser forum on the internet, Earl. Blender users come in, overwhelm the forum, bury Poser renders in Blender renders and eventually turn another Poser forum into a Blender forum."
    Seriousley: A real well meant advise:
    Go see a doctor. Your "DS conspiracy" fantasies don't look healthy anymore. You are fighting wind mills.

  • @masterstroke
    That’s my problem also, I read so much time Genesis is not a native poser figure so if you like to use it, go and use DAZ! Fortunately Genesis 1 and 2 are working very well in Poser! For Poser 11 even Genesis 3 will work. I think a lot of Poser user will be happy to get genesis 3 and 8 to work without work around to get them to work.
    So I hope for the next poser version is to get genesis 8 to work and instances for scenery’s.
    And I’m not a DAZ user, but Genesis 2 user

  • @masterstroke ROFLMAO, ripped that scab right off your master plan did I?

    See the Renderosity Poser forum and Poser For Dummies forums for proof of concept.

  • Perhaps the problem is the toxicity of the forum and not the tools used or the preferred platform. You guys sound like little elitist children on their video games talking crap to the new guy or gal because there not as good or don't believe like you. If poser dies it will be because of this attitude and why new 'potential' users will stay clear.

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    Ach, it is a general problem.
    99% of forum users are "hiding" behind false names, Internet log-ins, Nicknames, everything is valid "but", a true name.

    Forums where members need passport or drivers licenses verified "real names" usually don't have these issues.

    I was born as Tony Vilters, living in Belgium- Europe, and proud of it.
    That's who I am, and always will be.

    Every soul hiding behind a nickname has "by definition" a hidden agenda. (Sometimes a sponsored "hidden" agenda.)
    Use a nickname and "by definition", you lose 99% of your credibility.
    And that goes for EVERYBODY. => Even true lies are still lies.

  • It’s fine to use real names, but if your name is seldom in your country (actual 64 people with the same name) it’s not a good idea, I head just a year ago some problems with someone who ordered in my name and address a new expensive cellphone…, this person got the phone from the post office because I was not at home when it was delivered and no one worries about the correct signature, because Christmas time has a lot of traffic at post offices and the employees don’t have much time! The time I had to invest to solve this criminal problem was immense! In general I live in Germany near Hamburg I use Poser since version 5 and the only reason I don’t switch to Daz studio is because I’m too lazy to learn this software and I prefer still Poser Pro 2014 while using Genesis 2 male and females as my main characters.

  • @vilters OK Tony, I can understand a lot of what you said, but not all folks using a Nick/Alias instead of their real name, are doing it to "hide" for nefarious or malicious reasons.

    There's a long story behind my Nick/Alias, but to make it short, my first and last names both start with the letter B, and when my parents were still alive, my dad used to call my mom Mrs. B when he was in a playful mood. A friend years ago found out, and started calling me Miss B when she wanted to make sure she had my attention because she was about to say something she wanted to make sure I was paying attention to, especially when we were in a large group of people.

    She's since passed about 15 years ago, but I have another friend who also refers to me that way, though she has a habit of calling me Ms. B, instead of Miss B. So IOW Tony, Miss B "is" who I am, and the reason I prefer to use it than the name on my Birth Certificate, is because my personal life is private, and with all the ways hackers have found to hack away at any and all personal information on the 'Net, I'd rather keep as much of my personal life as private as possible. I don't have any other reason for using Miss B online for over 20 years. Long before I ever got into 3D graphics, I was a global moderator for a 2D Graphics forum, and used the same Nick/Alias on that forum as well.

    Please don't assume everyone's reason for using a Nick/Alias is so they can do harm in one way or another, especially since a good number of them are vendors in one of the 3D marketplaces. We have enough spammers on the forums, one of which I had nuked this morning from the HW3D forum after he created 18 posts within less than an hour. We don't need to point fingers at folks who aren't using their real names because we "think" they're doing it to hide out.

  • My question is "why, after 7 odd years since the release of Genesis are we still arguing about this?".

    My hope for Poser is that is gets better native figures, support for Daz figures (if that's what the developers WANT), better support for Cycles and it's nodes, better dynamic cloth and hair and a better overall experience than we've had the last few years.

    Geeze...I don't even know why I still even lurk in this forum. I just hope I'm gonna see some glimmer of a new Poser version so I can maybe get back to it again. Instead I still see the same **** I've seen for the last better part of a decade.

    And FWIW, yeah I use DS a lot more than I use Poser now (even if I hope I can use a new version of Poser again) and I'm not hiding behind any alias...I'm the same LaurieA as always.


  • @vilters said in What are you hoping for in Poser 11.1.1?:

    Every soul hiding behind a nickname has "by definition" a hidden agenda. (Sometimes a sponsored "hidden" agenda.)

    I've been going by "Deecey" in the Poser community since 2000. People know me by that name. Ain't about to change it now! LOL

  • @deecey
    Same here with my nick - been using it since Poser 3 - I see no reason to change it now. I have also seen some rather alarming things happen to people when they have their real name published online - have good look at some YouTube videos and see what can happen with people getting stalked - same applies to Facebook, way too much information available if you don't know the correct security settings.

  • @tastiger All too true, with Facebook at the top of the list, and being the worst of them all. It just amazes me when friends of mine wonder why I don't do ANY social media, of any kind. ~shakes head~

  • @miss-b
    Yet people complain about a lack of privacy in this modern age, but they have no compunction about baring their whole life to the world on Facebook......

  • I don't recall the forum software allowing me to change my name to LaurieA, otherwise I'd have changed it to that. I'll see if I can get that done. However, I always sign my posts with my name, so anyone who reads it and knows me knows it IS me. LOL.


  • @laurieallen I tend to recognize folks by their Avatars as much as by their Name, so I would know it's you in any case. ~wink~

    Of course, there are those who have, for whatever reason, a different Nick/Alias on different forums, so every once in a while I don't recognize who it is, but that doesn't happen too often.