What are you hoping for in Poser 11.1.1?

  • I'm really hoping that Cycles was updated and there will be support for the Turing RTX line of cards so I can finally switch out my 970 and pair my 1070 with a 2070. My poor ol' 970's 4GB limit is really causing issues with the bigger renders I've been doing lately. Having two 8GB cards would be perfect.

    What are you wishing for in the next update?

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    I was more concerned with Superfly getting updated to support micro-poly displacement and shadow catcher.

  • Well, I'm hoping for a free, bundled 27" iMac Pro, with eGPU and top-of-the-line NVidia card.

    Then again, shock horror, I might even wish for a top-rated, max-spec PC gaming rig and ditch macOS for everything Poser related.

    But I'm not holding my breath. ;-)

  • Hm...that is a difficult question to answer.
    I hope for a deeper integration of cycles.
    I use blender for a while now and one of the main features of cycles is, it is fast.
    SF takes to long to render, even in simple scenes.
    Blender has some tools to help out in such cases, like in indoor scenes.
    They use a light target that guides the rays out of the scene.
    They have also a denoiser, a very handy tool for low setting renders.
    But the real game changer would be a new light system, with physical correct light, with parameters used in the industry, light themperature in kelvin, light emission in lux.
    I thing that would be my wishlist for thd next poser version, whatever they will call it.

  • I just want something that will enthuse me, In May I bought a new rig with an i9 10 core CPU, 64 Gb of ram and 2 GTX 1070s so I could do GPU rendering, fluid sims etc, and I have hardly used it as its arrival sort of coincided with me feeling very low and I haven't felt like using poser, blender or anything lately :o(

  • @amethystpendant
    Thats a wide spread phänomen, the better the tools, the more often they stay unused in the Toolbox.
    Back in the days of my 650 mhz single core 500 mb ram pc and poser 4.5 i could not go to bed because there was always on render i had to finish...the next morning i called my boss for a day off because i could not keep my eyes open anymore.
    My workstation is far less advanced then yours, i got a i7 3.3 ghz and 16 gb ram, but it does the trick pretty well for a seven year old piece of hardware.
    But after poser 11 came out, my output went down to zero for month.
    I was not sure if i want to do any kind of 3d related stuff.
    Strange but true, i started a kind of research on rendo and rotica, asking members who had a big output and high quality renders, how they work, where did there ideas came from and what tools they use.
    For the most part the tools where pretty much the same as mine, but some of the creative people worked with older software and maschines.
    They had found a workflow and themes and stick to it.
    Im coming from 2d art, i draw and paint since child-days and in 2d art one was always on the search of an unique styl of drawing and painting.
    That is important, you know how to do your line work, you can produce some good results and grow with it.
    And that is also true for 3d art.

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    I think most people would appreciate some kind of a Superfly preview mode. For some reason Superfly is slower in Poser than Cycles is in Blender, and perhaps that needs optimization. Besides SF support for micro-poly displacement and shadow catcher, most PBR renderers nowadays have adopted some kind of AI Denoiser, like I-ray and Octane use to cut down noise cleaning time. I think Cycles has that in Blender, and Poser could have it too.

  • @ken1171 Yes, Blender does have that option, and it really works very nicely. It just surprised me the way it works. IOW, the render finishes, and THEN the Denoiser does it's job, though it doesn't really add much time to the render process.

    Aside from what Ken already mentioned, namely micro-poly displacement and a shadow catcher option, I want a Poser SuperFly version of Blender's new Cycles PrincipledBSDF node. I've seen a lot of shaders created with Blender that are hard to reproduce in SuperFly without it, or something very similar. I know, I've tried.

  • What are you hoping for in Poser 11.1.1?

    Poser 12 :)

  • @eclark1849 I get the feeling that's a long way off.

  • @miss-b :(

  • @ghostship I know, but from something Gilliland said, I get the impression there's going to be a few 11.1.x versions before we get to Poser 12. ~sigh~

  • Sorry to say this my fellow Poserites,

    but the posts I do read here do sound more and more like the passengers on the "Titanic" who discuss at what moment the "automatic anti-sinking" mechanics will stop the ship from going down.

    Yet we have no messages from the bridge, and the officers we knew and trusted have already been tossed over board.
    All we have left are some Portugese stokers who heat the boilers for their first time, wondering what all these odd gauges (sp?) are for.

    In the meantime we keep discussing ways of improving the promenade deck and the dining room, or how to fine tune the steam engines to get another 2 1/2 more rpm on the propellers.

    What we all disregard is that this isn't 1912 anymore, and that other ships have long since overtaken the Titanic, whatever we try.

    So either build a new ship which is up to today's standards, or let it sink right here and now, decently.

    Then hand over the plans to a new construction yard who, maybe?, will make something better from them.
    This has happened in the past already, so why not again?
    Oh, and I hope it won't be that shipyard in the middle of the Utah desert who takes charge...

    Sorry for saying this, but I'm afraid that WE ALL are starting to be confined in a local "comfort bubble", and while we discuss aetheric minor problems we all ignore the tell-tale signs on every wall.

    I'm not one of the usual "Thas" trolls!
    I am the one who made SASHA-16, in the hope it could save Poser from becoming oblivious.
    But the longer I watch what is going on, the more desparate I become.


    All right, now fire away and blow me and my post to smithereens.
    Shotguns and ammo are freely available on the poop deck which will stay afloat a few minutes longer that the rest, so hurry...


  • @karina said in What are you hoping for in Poser 11.1.1?:

    Oh, and I hope it won't be that shipyard in the middle of the Utah desert who takes charge...

    I assume you're NOT referring to HiveWire 3D. Then again, they're too small a group to take on software creation/updating.

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    Time for popcorn !
    Att all ; WARNING and CAUTION !

    • Link only to be opened when strapped in seatbelts.
    • So hot you won't believe it was done in 2.49.
    • No clothes for miles to be seen.
    • Extreme nudity up to the bare bones. (no kidding)
    • Steaming pressures, up to and including the BIG-BANG climax. (When you build such pressure, it has to go somewhere LOL)
      ***=NSFW content***
      click to show

    Have a nice day all and happy Posering.

    PS; Euh, you all know that 11.1.1 is a maintenance update. Right? It's about Fixing bugs in preparation for . . . . .

    Best regards, Tony

  • @karina said in What are you hoping for in Poser 11.1.1?:

    but the posts I do read here do sound more and more like the passengers on the "Titanic" who discuss at what moment the "automatic anti-sinking" mechanics will stop the ship from going down.

    SM net losses were barbaric for a long time : $28M losses in 2013 to $7M in 2017, although it's reported it finally turned profits in 2018 - something called "non-GAAP profitability", no idea what it means. These profits are due to networking products; it's reported that networking increased revenues (over 9 months from Jan to Sep) from $11M in 2017 to $16M in 2018 for the same period, while graphics decreased from $3.5M to $1.3M for the same period.

    So, networking is selling 10x more than all graphics combined -- apparently due to this SafePass product; btw, I use it to logon in my Bank of America. Now, R&D has decreased from $21M in 2013 to $9M in 2017; so I don't hold my breath for anything revolutionary coming in.

    I fear Poser may be considered legacy by SM, not a strategic product. Maybe SM should sell the product to a smaller company that can focus on it and it alone.

    Disclaimer: all numbers are from NASDAQ Financials and SM statements.

  • I really hope to see a fuller implementation of cycles in Poser, but I doubt that will ever happen.
    I think cycles could have really helped Poser but not the half arsed version we got.

    Also, whats going to happen to cycles now that eevee is just around the corner. Would it even be worth it for Poser to pursue it or just make a deal with iray like everyone else seems to be doing?

    I'm not sensing good vibes by what I'm seeing and not hearing and the future of Poser does seem uncertain to me. However, that has been said for a long time and it's still here.

    Only time will tell I guess.

  • Edit: I wanted to add, that iclone is able to import all version of Genesis with working movement and facial animations. They created the importer that does this (so it works naturally in iclone), why can't SM do this instead of resorting to DSON?

    Hate the 2 minute window for editing, so stupid.

  • I was going to say I had a simple hope in that they fixed the universe, but then I realized how that sounded and it didn't sound simple. But I'd like to be able to select the universe and use it to make things invisible and visible again. They broke it in the last update. I'd like it fixed in this one.

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    it's a bug.
    So a high probability for a fix in 11.1.1.

    Best regards, happy Posering, and good W-End to all. Tony