Black Friday prices?

  • Hi, I already know that SM is planing some discounts for Black Friday. I may ask anyway if the prices will be shown before the Friday Itself, Im asking because im pretty sure im going to dive in some offers like some software and some games for myself. Not posting the prices, or posting them later (or way too later) will be a little unhelpful, because there are a lot of people getting other prices from other products upfront from days a go... and when the sales are released they will go and buy for the articles they know are on discount.

    In short words: Maybe posting the prices will give potential buyers the opportunity to manage theirs finances in order to buy the software instead of getting them to the point of "Opps, only if I knew the prices before I could save for purchase that"


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    I am waiting for the DAZ Black Friday.

    Perhaps they will start paying us to download use DS.

    How's that for a marketing plan?


    Time for chips and chocolate.

  • I didnt understand the reply.

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    PoserPro11 is on sale right now.

    If you have previous versions, you can even reduce by 100 more by going for an upgrade licence.
    best regards, Tony