Hazy Eyes

  • Since purchasing Poser 11 last week, I have had trouble with my figures rendering with cloudy eyes. I asked for help on Renderosity and they all swear by EZSkin 3 to fix the problem. This happens in both Superfly and Firefly, the only figures that don't seem to have this problem is some SmithMicro figures like Paul. I downloaded EZSkin 3 but haven't learned how to use it yet, is there a quick and easy way to solve this problem? Is it the way Poser 11 handles shaders and maps?![alt text]

  • @tomsde I have a few freebies over at shareCG.

    the shaders are for V4 but you can use them on other figures.

  • Thank you @ghostship, I will have to check them out. I have also found that the current maps can look okay depending on what light sets I use. I guess I'll eventually figure it out. I want to make the eyes not look hazy without looking dead. Any other pointers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • @tomsde I included one set of textures with this and the eye shaders are set up to look good in any lighting. I think the sclera might be a bit dark though.