Anyway to smooth the area for "Edit Growth Group" in the hair room

  • Hey everyone,

    I am trying to create a beard for the Paul character, but I am unable to create a smooth selection area.

    0_1544579003485_Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.38.27 PM.png

    The following is the result:
    0_1544579030585_Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.43.05 PM.png

    Anyone know how to smooth out those jagged areas? I have tried switching to the draw tool, but I have not succeeded in a smooth upper portion, as it is everywhere else.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed

  • @tam2000k2 Turns out that if you zoom in super close and start from a certain position, mid way of the ears, then you can create a smooth beard - see below

    0_1544585060114_Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.22.52 PM.png

  • @tam2000k2 the beard can be transmapped, which dictates exactly what region within each growth facet will grow hair.
    0_1544586967069_Wild Thing?.jpg
    If you closely observe the soles of the feet, nostrils and inner ears of this figure, they do not have jagged growth edges. In some cases this was due to convenient facet edges, but in others, the applied transparency map is what prevents the jagged edge.

    This figure is V4, which has part of the head texture (scalp and ears) grouped with the body texture map, so two separate growth groups were required. I've used the same texture on the underlying figure (it's a separate, slaved V4 just for the hair), as on the hair growth props, which are spawned from the figure. If your props are spawned from a single figure, you can just apply the transmap and hair texture to the hair growth prop, and leave the underlying figure's textures alone (so you'll see skin through the facial hair).
    0_1544588183438_Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 3.09.09 pm.png
    Above is the fur figure's skin texture for the face, with transmap derived from a fur length map.

    0_1544588288853_Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 3.10.45 pm.png
    Above is the scalp and ear transmapped texture for the head hair growth prop.

    0_1544588365627_Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 3.11.35 pm.png
    Above is the same texture which was applied to the face of the fur figure, also applied to the facial hair growth prop.

    Please don't forget, that once you spawn these hair props from the figure, you must make sure that the figure is saved with them to preserve the hair growth group created in the figure's geometry. This allows Poser to map morphs from the figure onto the hair growth props' vertices, and thus exactly follow the figure when the mouth opens, for instance.

    This can be a bit of a logistic problem if you decide you want to add hair to a figure in your scene. You can't just apply the saved hair growth props to it, as the figure won't automatically contain the groups to map morphs onto the hair. This issue can be overcome, but it requires substantial fiddling with the CR2 files for the figure.


    Have a look at this tutorial, it shows that you can use transparency maps to shape the growth area of dynamic hair.

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    Wow!!! I've been trying to figure out how to do this second technique for years ... this could help create fur without 2 dozen hair props!!

  • @raven that's an excellent resource. It fills in a lot of the details I left out.