Poser Pro 11-won't stay open anymore-Mac OSX Sierra

  • Poser Pro 11. I've been using it for a few months with few issues. I was rendering a scene (with Materials window open).
    I clicked on the Pose tab. And got a perma spinning wheel. After 10 minutes I used the Mac force quit.
    After that it would open to the default scene- and instantly close. I restarted the Mac Pro 2012 32 GB RAM. Final version of Sierra. Was able to open a pz3. Then while rendering it closed. After that it would get as far as loading Andy-and then close.
    Further restarts did not help. Is there some pref file that might be corrupt that I can delete?
    I reinstalled-without deleting the first copy- I was able to open a different pz3 and it crashed at the end of rendering.
    Now it wont open.

  • @pelagius this is definitely a circumstance you should report to Smith Micro. I have also had poses that I accidentally applied to the wrong type of object in a scene hang Poser, requiring a Force Quit.

    Support will probably recommend that you delete your Poser Preferences, which may be corrupted. I usually like to squirrel them away somewhere else, so I can compare supposedly corrupted preferences with a working version when you get Poser back to a stable state. Assuming that you were able to open Poser in the first instance, you could type the following in the Poser Python shell to find where the preferences are on your system.
    0_1544778935086_Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 8.14.34 pm.png
    That will usually give something like:

    u'/Users/<your-username>/Library/Application Support/Poser Pro/11'

    Deleting the file 'PoserPrefs' in that location should force Poser to Factory Start.

    I also have 32GB RAM in my mid-2011 27" iMac, but it doesn't take very many applications like FireFox with >100 open tabs and a text editor with dozens of open files to chew through that and start using swap space on your HD or SSD.

    Do the crash dumps when Poser dies give any indication of what the OS or Poser thinks is worthy of crashing? Do you have access to testing tools to check whether your RAM is in good health?

  • @anomalaus Thanks! I'll go looking for the prefs now. That was what I was looking for. It only stays open for a second or
    so after it loads the default scene (with Andy). But I can look where you suggested. I dimly remember having to do this with
    Poser Pro2010.

  • @anomalaus
    I moved the prefs folder to the desktop, Re-installed, and entered serial #'s. A couple of times.
    I think I may have a limited # of times I can do that though. The 3rd time I got serial # error messages.
    But I had a backup prefs file-and that worked. So I am rendering again. Thanks!