Miraculous Ladybug

  • Hi, ages ago, I saw a picture of Miraculous Ladybug in one of the forums here. I think it was the PE early edition thread of about 12 months ago.
    I am a fan of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir and I was wondering what character and clothing and hair was used in the picture.
    Best regards and I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday period.

  • @tumble-weed I found this image. Hopefully, it is the one you were speaking of.
    https://forum.smithmicro.com/topic/4036/how-to-position-a-camera-as-if-it-s-first-person-in-tight-spaces/6 The image belongs to Anomalaus, and he says it was V4 WM,

  • @eclark1849 Thank you. Not the same picture, but I think the same artist. Maybe the picture was in one of the "post your render" threads.

  • Or perhaps this one (same character but with green gloop all over her hands) on the Post Your Superfly Renders thread 5 months ago perhaps ?

  • @tumble-weed as @eclark1849 noted, it is indeed V4WM and the V4 Bodysuit, Super Gloves, Booties and Cowl. I also used a second, cut-down V4 figure for the eye surrounds part of the mask, since the cowl doesn't cover the eyelids in the same way that Ladybug's mask does (the mask needs to cover and follow the closed eyelids).

    Having looked high and low, I could not find a Poser compatible hair prop that looked remotely similar to Marinette's hair and was still currently available. There are dead links to the hair mentioned in the DAZ forum which someone had converted from an XPS prop to .obj format.

    The hair I Frankensteined together consists of the Gwenith Hair bundled with Poser to provide the diagonal bangs and sideburns, with the bun hidden, and a heavily modified version of AprilYSH's Triple Tail Hair, which has useful bunches and scrunchies. After hiding one tail and leveling up the other two with morphs, I added a couple of Poser Primitive Möebius strips with a transmap to give the effect of twisted ribbons round the scrunchies.

    0_1545186891001_Ladybug Corner Table Side Squat.jpg
    0_1545186924540_Marinette Table Crouch.png 0_1545186936708_Marinette Akumatised.png
    The bodysuit textures were quite problematic, due to the need to match dots across seams. I was using heavily modified tile nodes to give the best match to reference material, then baking the textures. I have no problem with sharing those, but they're far from perfect, as you can see in the large (firefly ridden) render above.

    No doubt, better results could be achieved by using a 3D painting tool such as Blacksmith3D or equivalent, to place perfectly round dots in places where they cross UV seams. It is also extraordinarily difficult to accurately reverse UV deformation due to morph influence, so stretching of the texture is excessively evident in places where morphs stretch the bodysuit excessively.

  • I also made a pair of Ladybug ear studs from Poser primitives, having found a close-up reference for a real-world set inspired by the show (shown extracted from the ear lobe, for clarity: bowl, cylinder, spiral and torus props).
    0_1545194356043_Ladybug Ear Stud Extracted.png
    The eyelid covering mask, which could be done as a texture layer on V4 directly, earrings and modified Triple-Tail hair (fringe hidden & tails moved, reshaped and hidden.
    0_1545187945154_Triple Tail & Mask.png
    I have used @bagginsbill 's hair node setup with appropriately calculated anisotropy gradients to match the hair directions in the UV maps.

    Gwenith Hair (default style with bun and long sideburns) and transmapped Cowl (leaves eyelid exposed)
    0_1545188964598_Gwenith & Cowl Akumatised.png

    Ladybug version of Triple Tail (from rear with third tail hidden and other tails approximately symmetrical)
    0_1545189101558_Triple Tail Marinette.png

    Original Triple Tail with Möebius Ribbons (rear view):
    0_1545189507718_Triple Tail Original with Möebius Ribbons.png

    My abject apologies for all the fireflies, but the scene contains volumetric scatter atmospheric effects and takes forever to render in SuperFly without fireflies.

  • @anomalaus Thank you very much for the information. You have done a magnificent job with the texture and I would never have thought to either add to the mask or texture V4 around the eyes. I understand what you mean by trying to match a pattern over a seam. I tried to make a Phantom texture for M4's body suit and could never get the diagonal stripes to match at the back.