Using MMD models in Poser

  • I am using the official model from VocaloMarkets for their Yukari Yuzuki character. I posed the figure in Poser, and I had to figure out which materials belong to which texture files, but otherwise, not so difficult. Top Left render = Superfly with only scene illumination. Bottom Left = Toon-style render using Poser Geometry Outline and Colour Toon settings. Right panel = Firefly render with one IBL. All shader setups are using Poser Sruface, which accounts for why the SuperFly render did not show the reflectiveness of the ground shader.


  • @ibr_remote compositing done using Fotor app.

    For MMD users, you may obtain the figure from here:
    (At the bottom of that linked paged, are links to two additional versions at BowlRoll.)

    Basically, need Blender 3D. I installed the add-on known as sugiany's MMD_Tools. I am running Blender 2.78c. Import, then export as FBX. Import into Poser Pro 11; model imports lying face downwards, rotated 90 degrees along the x-axis. Simply change that parameter to zero. Rigging is entirely in Japanese, but once you play around with the parts, you get an idea of what's moving and how. You need to fix the file references as well - trial and error, unfortunately, but not so many material zones, so pretty easy to eliminate the wrong texture files. FBXs import with Poser Surface in use, inside Material Room, so pretty straight forward (no Cycles stuff - buy can be done if needed !!).