d-force export to Poser and converted to dynamic

  • Just wondering if anyone has tried this to see if it works? They have some great looking garments, but a bit pricey just to run a test on and I only use the "other program" for conversions, just can't get the hang of it.
    I won't mention the other "D" word as it tends to get some people irate in these forums.

  • I don´t think that all dforce clothes can be used in Poser. (But i will test some more in the next time)

    With this shirt i convert it in DAZ to a prop. (dforce Impulse - Genesis 8 by kaleya)

    Then saved it as an scene subset an export it as an prop with "Create Poser Companion Files"

    This is similar as "willdial" does it with his "Genesis 3 Poser Updater".

    I made a second render with this shirt, importetd it with "ShaderWorks Library Manager 2" and convertet it in poser into a prop.

    This way works also with this shirt and i can adjust it better bevore i made a prop of it.

    Sorry for my bad english i am german.

    0_1545203654593_Render 283-sm.jpg

  • @coerschulte-n
    Thanks - at least it shows possibilities for some clothing, my fear was that the object created may need welding, I look forward to any further efforts

  • @tastiger this started to become a running gag.
    Like in Harry Potter the name of the person that is expected not to be mentioned, or in The Lord of the Rings the name of Sauron not should be called out loud.
    Thats the way one gives words power...by making them unspeakable and forbiten
    Daz-3D has done amazing work with the Victoria and Michael 1-4 figures.
    Thats a fact.
    If someone don't want to look over the fence...nice, sure i will.
    Daz-Studio has nice and handy features, i would love to have them in Poser too.
    But that will not change Poser into Daz-Studio or vice versa.

  • @coerschulte-n
    Hey, ein Landsmann/frau...cool!

  • @marco said in d-force export to Poser and converted to dynamic:

    Daz-Studio has nice and handy features, i would love to have them in Poser too.
    But that will not change Poser into Daz-Studio or vice versa.

    DAZ do have some spectacular d-force clothing that just has to be admired as well.

  • I can't think of a reason why one couldn't use a dforce outfit in Poser's cloth room since dforce has to be welded too or at least pinned where needed (which can be done in Poser too), but it might take a bit of setting up. If one is willing to do that, it might work :). I'd start with a free outfit tho...lol.


  • @laurieallen i have not worked with dforce in Daz Studio, because it is a plugin one have to pay for.
    I only tryed DS and the content that comes with the program.
    There are two major things i really like to see in poser as well and that is the lighting and the camera system.
    Both are really good, very flexible and in case of the light, physical correct measured in light temperatur and luminence as well a intensity.
    The cones of the spotlight are outlined visible so no more guess work there.
    But as i wrote before, i would not trade the librarie from DS for what we have in poser...DS librarie is a real pain in the ass.

  • @marco

    I'm confused....you don't have to pay for dforce. It's free in the newest version of Studio. Just clarifying. And yeah, I don't like the library either. LOL. But, to be honest, I didn't like Poser's either. I guess there's just no good way to catalog all that content in either software. I did like Shaderworks Library Manager...I had a version that worked in Poser 8 I believe and used to use it all the time there. Too bad SM didn't buy the software from him/her and use it as the default library. Heh.


  • @lauriea hm...since when is dforce part of the DS program?
    To be honest, i don't used it a lot and i don't have it installed right now, but dforce was not in my DS included.
    Is there a pro version of DS?
    I have to check that for myself.
    The librarie becomes an issue with poser 11 for me.
    On pp 2014 i was quite happy with it, it worked, was quick, stabil and HAD A SETTING THAT ENABLED A SEPERAT WINDOW OPTION.
    Sorry...i miss that so much...on my second screen!
    Now i have to force this f..ing thing to the size i want it to have and every time i open the library, i have to pull the vertical line back to where it belongs.
    One thing i really hate is, if you are in the middle of the content, like in the section letter g and you switch back to the main folder, it jumps up to letter a, all the way to the top.
    If you want to go back the the content you had opened before, you have to search it again.
    I filed a report to support but it is still unanswered.

  • @marco

    The free version of DS is the only version and the version that even the content makers use. dforce has been inside DS since the latest version at least. I'm using the beta right now, but the last release version has dforce included. You may be confusing dforce and the Optitex plugin which IS a pay for plugin, but is no longer necessary as DS now has its own dynamic cloth solution (dforce), and that is free and included with the software.


  • @marco
    I have to agree that I do prefer my Pro 2014 library to he one in Poser 11.
    However not sure where you are coming from with having to resize the Poser 11 library all the time, I have mine un-docked and set to a size that I want on my second monitor along with SW Library manager, set General preferences to "launch to previous state" and everything loads exactly where I want it each time, although I must say my Poser 11 library is really slow to populate, compared to earlier versions.

  • @LaurieA i checked it.
    My mistake, the last time i used DS, the download manager and Genesis 3 was brandnew.
    Because i could get warm with the UI, i dropped it very soon.
    I remember searching for things like hair room and cloth simulation back then and there was none.
    But anyway, maybe i should give it a try.
    The next two weeks are off duty, so...plenty of time.

    @tastiger i got this strange behavior of Poser right from the start of PP11.
    The window size is changing, the librarie structure, like i said the vertical lines are jumping to the far right side regardless how often i set things up.
    I have set the start behavior to prefered state and for a while always seem to be fine.
    Next time i start poser, the settings are gone.
    I have made a habit out of it and learned to live with it.

  • @marco
    Perhaps a reinstall of Poser is in order?

  • @tastiger thats what i thought und have done.
    I had a short conversation about this with Miki Cantoneese, im sure i butchered her name, she was one of the team that promoted poser11 in the first webinars.
    She explained to me that this was an error with some of the older graphic cards driver from ATI.
    I got a 7 years old Radeon hd 5800 in my desktop pc. She tooled me the problem would be fixed in the first update..but its 2018 now, we are running PP11.1 and its still not working.
    Maybe in the next version, who knows.

  • @marco Once you have everything set up as you prefer, add a new UI memory dot, that way if you start poser and things aren't the way you normally have them, simply click the memory dot and everything will jump in to place. (you need to set a memory dot for each room you use, Pose, Material, Cloth etc.

    As for the library I now run this exclusively in my browser, means I can have multiple tabs each showing different runtimes.

  • @amethystpendant thats incredible helpfull, thank you!
    I will check this out, as soon as i finished work for today.
    I come back to you, if i have a question, ok?

  • @amethystpendant it f..king works, thank you so much.
    I have open and closed poser 20 times, i have reboot my pc several times and most important,
    refreshed the runtime a few times.
    Until now, it worked!
    You are my personal Santa Claus!

  • @marco Glad to be of service, now where did I put those reindeer?

  • I worked up an example.
    From DS, I exported OOT Shoulder Free Blouse as an OBJ file.
    In Poser, I imported the obj file and made it a dynamic clothing item for Genesis 8 Female.
    0_1545439410633_Gen8 Dynamic 1.jpg
    The blouse stretches well.
    Poser's Cloth room may not be able to handle the more complex clothes. It seems to handle shirts, skirts, and dresses well.