Using DAZ products in POSER.

  • Hello. I have only recently purchased POSER. I have been using DAZ but the programme has become corrupted and unusable. Both DAZ and my Graphics Card provider (Nvidia) have tried to help over the last three months but without success. I have decided to stick with POSER. Would someone please describe to me how to transfer DAZ content into POSER. I have quite a lot of DAZ content from various artists on my system and am most anxious to be able to continue to use it, in particular the items purchased from Toon Generations via DAZ. Any guidance you may be able to offer would be most gratefully received - Thank you.

    In the meantime have a nice day and Merry Christmas.

  • @catdancing If you are talking about the 3D Universe Toon Generations, there is a Poser version of that product. No need to convert or anything, just go download the Poser version and install them.

  • You click the + button at the top of the libraries pane to add your DAZ 3D Library to your Poser libraries. For the Genesis 1 and 2 generations, only the products with DSON support will appear in your Poser library. In fact, you’ll need to install DSON and may have to re-download those products so that DIM will install the necessary files in Poser.

  • Thank you both for your replies. I must confess I'm struggling a bit.

  • OK. To install DSON in Poser, you need this: DSON Importer for Poser. This will let Poser open duf files for Genesis 1 and 2 products (plus miscellaneous other products that are cr2s from that era) if they are identified on the product page as being Poser compatible. (You can export other items and convert them to poser native format, but that's a whole other discussion.) You need two sets of files: the original duf version installed in DS, and a "poser companion file" installed in Poser. You can tell DIM to install both. You probably did not bother to stall the Poser CFs when you downloaded products when you used only DS. Be forewarned that Genesis 3 and 8 products do not work in Poser without using an external converter (free) by @willdial.

    DSON, by the way, is slow and can handle only so many figures at a time. You can, however, convert DSON figures to Poser native figures (you can find fairly simple instructions on this board, Rendo, and Hivewire3D). I do that with almost every DSON figure because it eliminates the lag.

    When you click the add library button (books with a plus sign), you will get to select the library you want to add. Select My DAZ 3D Library.

    Feel free to ask additional specific questions. Cheers.

  • Rob - Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to make them. I will follow the links and download whatever will help. Most grateful.

  • What about DS only props purchased at Rendo? Do I need DSON for that?

  • Also: what about Dawn morphs from Rendo that only work in DAZ?

  • @ghostship: If a prop is DS only, you can always export it as an obj, but without any morphs. You can export a Dawn character as a cr2 from DS and convert it to Poser native (I use Netherwork’s Creator’s Toybox) and it will work perfectly well. I don’t know how to create Poser companion files for the associated textures. It’s a bit time consuming, but I export obj versions with the various textures applied and then use Netherwork’s MATWriter Panel 2014 to capture them as Poser materials. The Amelia character uses LIE makeups and you can’t do that; I just use a Poser native skin by the same creator.

  • @robzhena said in Using DAZ products in POSER.:

    convert DSON figures to Poser native figures

    Did you manage to convert G2M figures to native poser figures with a working tongue. I always lost the tongue. And for the cloth it's also possible to convert them to native so that thex work with the native poser figures of G2M?

  • @joker said in Using DAZ products in POSER.:

    @robzhena said in Using DAZ products in POSER.:

    convert DSON figures to Poser native figures

    Did you manage to convert G2M figures to native poser figures with a working tongue. I always lost the tongue. And for the cloth it's also possible to convert them to native so that thex work with the native poser figures of G2M?

    0_1546598456624_G2M Tongue.jpg

    The tongue works for me. Did you have the proper morphs installed when you converted? If by cloth you mean clothing (there is a separate discussion on converting dForce items to dynamic cloth), yes, you can convert using the same system. In Toybox, you use the core presets for DSON accessories instead of DSON figures. The same method applies to hair.

  • @robzhena Ok. it seams to be possible to covert with tongue. Maybe I use the wrong method. I have the infos from this link

    maybe you have a link how you make it?

    thank you very much

  • @joker said in Using DAZ products in POSER.:


    with ToyBox do you mean this tool?

    Yes, that is the product I use. I gather there are other ways to skin the cat, but this works smoothly. Here's a quick and dirty summary of the process I posted at Hivewire3D at a time it was not on the market: Using Toybox. Here are a couple of recent threads by someone who prioritizes minimizing file size during conversion: Conversions from DAZ Studio to Poser (Genesis, Clothing, Hair, etc); Products Converted from Studio to Poser.

  • @robzhena Thank you very much. I will try that with this ToyBox tool :-)

  • @robzhena Now I boought this ToyBox tool. It works fine, also to convert the cloth.

    By conferting the figures I get this error
    "Processing test1.cr2 .................................................
    -- "subdnull.obj" referenced but not found.
    Optimization Complete!"

    but neverless everything seams to work.

    Thank you for this tip :-)

  • @robzhena
    Now i worked with this nativ G2M figures. The most things work fine. But one thing doesn't work. The issue with the resolution of the subdividing. I can subdivide the native G2M figures with poser intern subdivion levels, but the HD morphs like the "veins morph" or other HD morphs doesn't work with the native figure. It seams the mrophs works on the basic resolution only. Is there a solution, that the HD morphs work on a hgiher subdivision level?

  • @joker my understanding is that DS and Poser use different subdivision algorithms, so they will not create identical subd vertices. The HD morphs (that I've seen) are stored in an encrypted format. DSON (I think) could open them, since it can deal with all the other DAZ file types, but I'm not sure whether it uses the DS subdivision algorithm, which would be necessary to match the vertex deltas stored in the HD morphs. Poser subd just won't match at any level.

  • @joker Yeah, the HD morphs don't work for reasons explained by @anomalaus. But if you export, say, and HD character from DS, you get some qualitative difference, as I understand it.

  • @robzhena would that bake the HD morph into the exported mesh? That would be reasonable, but you could then try to reverse engineer the differences between the HD and the default mesh to extract the unencrypted HD morph, which I'm sure DAZ wouldn't like, and have probably anticipated and gone out of their way to prevent in the first place.