Using DAZ products in POSER.

  • @robzhena Thank you very much. I will try that with this ToyBox tool :-)

  • @robzhena Now I boought this ToyBox tool. It works fine, also to convert the cloth.

    By conferting the figures I get this error
    "Processing test1.cr2 .................................................
    -- "subdnull.obj" referenced but not found.
    Optimization Complete!"

    but neverless everything seams to work.

    Thank you for this tip :-)

  • @robzhena
    Now i worked with this nativ G2M figures. The most things work fine. But one thing doesn't work. The issue with the resolution of the subdividing. I can subdivide the native G2M figures with poser intern subdivion levels, but the HD morphs like the "veins morph" or other HD morphs doesn't work with the native figure. It seams the mrophs works on the basic resolution only. Is there a solution, that the HD morphs work on a hgiher subdivision level?

  • @joker my understanding is that DS and Poser use different subdivision algorithms, so they will not create identical subd vertices. The HD morphs (that I've seen) are stored in an encrypted format. DSON (I think) could open them, since it can deal with all the other DAZ file types, but I'm not sure whether it uses the DS subdivision algorithm, which would be necessary to match the vertex deltas stored in the HD morphs. Poser subd just won't match at any level.

  • @joker Yeah, the HD morphs don't work for reasons explained by @anomalaus. But if you export, say, and HD character from DS, you get some qualitative difference, as I understand it.

  • @robzhena would that bake the HD morph into the exported mesh? That would be reasonable, but you could then try to reverse engineer the differences between the HD and the default mesh to extract the unencrypted HD morph, which I'm sure DAZ wouldn't like, and have probably anticipated and gone out of their way to prevent in the first place.

  • @anomalaus It must bake in, as you say, but you don’t wind up with the same outcome you would in DS. DAZ probably has no reason to worry.

  • @joker - For what it's worth, I had chat with Teyon over at the old RDNA forums, regarding poser sub D' and Daz's HD morphs.
    They don't work so great using Poser sub D. I don't use Dson in poser any more, but from what I recall, the way to get decent results is to set the the figures sub D through Dson. If I remember right, you get the option (in Dson) from -1 to +3? SubD. Just remember to set genesis figures to -1 when your working with them (it goes a long way, to make working with genesis figures, in poser bearable, as it seems it defaults + 0 or +1as you load your figures in, if I recall ) when your ready to render, go through and set your genesis models to +(2) 3 Sub D. I've dragged out an old render of the Minotaur, when I was experimenting, with poser and Dson and HD morphs, I wanted to see if you export HD morphs (through reality) to Lux. It was also an experiment to get volumetric lighting working in lux, unfortunately a lot of the render is in shadow, but if you look at the right hand and face,
    you can see the HD morphs. Personally, I thought that superfly gave better results. But as others have said, to get the best results, it's best to use them in Daz studio, which is where I use genesis if I want too.
    0_1547331709058_Defender of the throne Lux.jpg

  • @dgould2001
    Yes with DSON the subD and the HD morphs work well. Only in the G2 figures I've transformed to poser nativ figures it doesn't work anymore.
    The performance of native G2 figres is much better. But the DSON importer works well exept this performance issue.

    So I use native G2 for background figures only

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  • @robzhena Thanks, unlikely to use it, but it's free so...

  • @robzhena Free is good. Thanks for the heads up.

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