New Figures for Poser any update?

  • @AmbientShade All true.

    But, once again, a stable of well known, respected vendors ready on Day 1 to provide support is critical to success.

    You can't hope to "compete" with Vicky - you goal HAS to be to dethrone her. Anything else is doomed to fail.

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    Detroning V4?
    Sorry to disagree, but that's asking for the impossible with her 20.000+ support items.

    Agreed that 10 years ago, and "out of the box", she was far from perfect. But at that time? ? What was the alternative? ?

    Her "kingdom" was formed because of lack of competition for many- many years, and constant improvements to get her where she is now.

    At this stage? "Detroning" has become impossible. ( Euh! We are talking POSER figures here, right?)

    We can offer alternatives, offer "new blood", but so do the other companies.

    I have high hopes for the figures that Ero, Ali, Shade and so are bringing to our runtimes, but denting the V4/M4 kingdom ???
    Sorry, too late, until some real technical improvements come our way.

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    @Glitterati3D Well it's never been my goal to compete with or to dethrone Vicky. In fact when I started I had no intention of even building a female figure. There's so many of them out there already. I wanted a male figure that didn't look weird that I could use in my graphic novels and I wasn't happy with M4's shape. I started morphing him into something more reasonable that fit more into what I needed for my own projects and realized I was spending a whole lot of time working on a figure that wasn't even mine. I also realized that I couldn't modify the geometry to my liking and then be able to distribute those modifications. So that's when I started building what is currently Orion and it all became a sort of personal challenge from there. Venus happened because it just seemed natural to have a female counterpart that was equal in design and scope.

    I also have never agreed with the idea that everyone should be stuck with using the same style of figure. It doesn't matter who makes the figure, every artist has their own unique style. So if everyone is using the same figures then everyone's renders are eventually all going to look mostly the same. I think that if an artist's work is good enough they'll build their own following of people who like and want to use their models. There's enough room in Poser runtimes for a lot of figures. The biggest thing that kills a figure, in my opinion, is its creators lack of persistence.

  • @AmbientShade Then you'll never get any further than a few rabid supporters who whine that no one makes content for their favorite figure.

    But, that content has to be free, of course.

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    Tja Tracy, that's the big problem.

    How does a new "figure creator" make "his" figure popular enough for the vendors to pick up on it?

    When you "try" to compete, and "try" to get V4/M4 builders to come over to your figure? You have to be able to guarantee that it will bring more food on the table.

    Prio One is always to make your figure popular enough for the vendors to step in.
    The creator has to be able to sustain "free items" until the popularity is there for the vendors to take over.

    If the creator fails during this "popularity step"?
    Tracy? => You are correct : It is "game over".

    This is the main issue for all "newer" figures that will come to the scene.
    Simple economy rules.

  • @vilters That's bullshit, Tony.

    No one EVER guaranteed me anything on any figure I ever developed for. It didn't stop me from developing for a figure.

    Here's what stopped my development - customers who don't buy product.


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    @Glitterati3D Well maybe so but when I release my figures I'll continue making content for them myself. Aside from a few other content vendors (and I do mean a few), I haven't had anyone express any real interest in making content for them anyway so I fully expect that the only real support for them will come from myself.

    But Poser isn't my only platform either. I've already rigged Orion in Maya, and started working on Unreal. Eventually they will both be rigged and animated for Unreal and Unity.

  • @AmbientShade Well, I'm certainly willing to provide support. Just loop me in when you are ready.

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    @Glitterati3D Thanks

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    That's the way to go. Support for your own creation.
    When customers feel the continued commitment of the creator, they'll follow.

    Years ago, there were far less content creators.
    Nowadays, almost everybody has become a content creator in one way or another and we read from everybody that sales/vendor are dropping.
    => Also rather simple economy => Too many vendors.

    That's why I applaud your initiative to enhance content quality.

  • @vilters No, here's what happens. I make a Roxie outfit and I get tons of emails asking me when I am going to make the same thing for V4.

    My response is.......I don't support V4.

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    @Glitterati3D You know, Pauline has more vendor support than Roxie ever got. Have you tried making anything for her?

  • @AmbientShade I have. I also have stopped releasing freebies, so they will remain on my hard drive.

    I'm sorry, but Pauline's rigging is awful and I'm don't believe clothing made for that rigging is commercial quality.

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    @Glitterati3D True. Paul's rigging is even worse, along with the mesh. Mangled fingers and toes. Pauline advanced is a lot better though.

    I might still release the rework I did of Paul. It's not as complex as Pauline advanced but it's still an improvement.

  • I just want a 'official' poser figure, one that content creators can focus on and like (At least mostly). I would love to create content for a figure but I'm hesitant to even attempt it because I'm not sure what anyone is using. V4 would be the tried and true right now but it would be so nice to have an upgraded model to work with.

    I hope I said that correctly and you guys understood what I mean by that, lol.

  • Did a bit of work on PE today. This will be one of the base textures. Will officially resume development in a week or two.

    alt text

    alt text

  • I'll support any figures you guys want to put out. I just need a gameplan of when and where.

    BTW, someone mentioned V4WM. Anyone know if there are plans to put it elsewhere? I wouldn't rely on leaving it at RDNA at this point. For all we know, the website will vaporize next year. Same with Antonia WM.

  • @Netherworks said in New Figures for Poser any update?:

    BTW, someone mentioned V4WM. Anyone know if there are plans to put it elsewhere?... Same with Antonia WM.

    I will be adding them to my CP store in the near future, along with some other freebies.

    Antonia is also in a few places as well.

  • @erogenesis

    Each preview of your project E looks really like a present. Thank you so much, proud hero... ~wink~

  • @erogenesis I really like Project E, but I have to say.........what are the circles under her eyes? She looks like she's recovering from 2 black eyes - at that stage where it goes from black and blue to green and yellow.