New Figures for Poser any update?

  • The most recent Bella beta in Superfly using EZSkin3.

  • @Glitterati3D looks great but what's with the mismatched skin (upper torso and shoulders)? Is that an Issue with the model?

  • @ghostship No, that's me removing the painted on bikini

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    I'd be happy to support her if you release her and I'm sure others will. She is a real beauty.

  • @lululee I'll support her as well. Just waiting to get my grubby little hands on her.

  • @erogenesis

    @erogenesis said in New Figures for Poser any update?:

    @vilters the whole point of PE was for me to get on with telling stories. in other words, PE does 90% of the work already with her WM and JCMs and morphs. So it should be good. For vendors it should also be ok. I have tried to avoid bulges where I can and the JCMs will be clearly labelled. The mannequins will also help do the work for them.

    There are only two things complicated about PE and that is 1. the way she was made, and 2. her shoulders. Thankfully the way she was made will only be evidenced by my bitter whining an complaining in various forums across the Poserverse. But her shoulders might be the toughest thing to sell. Many people are used to crappy figures that allow you to throw the shoulders up into the air without a thought. problem is that shoulders cannot go that high in reality. Try touching your ear with your shoulder, while keeping your arm down, and not bending your head towards it. Impossible. The only way to get your shoulder that high is to twist the whole region backwards. The scapula actually rotates all the way down (I never knew that!) You can see this when you reach for the sky and see that your armpit is now facing forwards. In PE this basically translates to: shldr Fw, collar twist up (with a few other small rotations). Try selling that to the Poser crowd.

    To solve this I have dials to control that specific movement for the user, but I might even have to make a video about it.

    I can keep my arm down and touch my ear with my shoulder without tilting my head towards my shoulder. Is that weird?

    I think the way you are designing the shoulders will actually be very intuitive. I've run into the unnatural should rotation confusion while posing many different figures for poser. PE's shoulder design will be a welcomed change from current poser figures.

  • cheers guys. Small update, my gens is almost done and for those that aren't shy of all that erotica, it might be worth checking out so you can see what to expect with PE. I've made 4 unique textures for it and provided well over 30 (perhaps even 40) different variations on all 4 of them, from skin tone to effects, as well as their associated materials. With PE I wanna do the same, make it as complete a package as possible. To be honest this gens project has got me super eager to get started with PE again.

    @Me195 : lol then you're very bendy!!! I will provide master dials that will do the shoulder rotations for you (as well as poses). Normally I hate prefab poses but I'd rather have PE looking good in people's renders.

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    @ghostship I will support as well. She is cute.

  • @erogenesis

    Does this new figure wear Vicky Four's clothes?

  • @pleasejustwork He can't legally do that. DAZ would hammer him good on it and he has pointed that out before.

  • @pleasejustwork If that's the case, then vendor support is going to be very, very lean for this figure.

    Why would I waste my time creating content for a figure when I have to compete against the V4 runtime? Answer: I wouldn't.

    If you guys are going to demand you never have to buy another thing for figures, then you're dooming the figures from the getgo.

  • @Glitterati3D
    I gotta agree here. Despite Vicky's faults, she has a ton of inertia in that she's got a massive wardrobe and hundreds of characters. I can't imagine what it would cost to buy a comparable wardrobe for a new figure, assuming that folks would bother making items for it.
    I think that people dreaming of creating the next big thing (a killer figure) should remember that Vicky Four is good enough for a lot of us.

  • Maybe a plugin for PhilC's Wardrobe Wizard?

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    Ach, so many options for clothing and support items:

    • Fitting room
    • Wardrobe Wizard
    • Morph brush
    • When all of the above fails? => Blender (or equivalent)

    But the basic rule is simple :
    Only the creator of a new figure can make his/her figure popular enough for the vendors to come on board and that is only possible if the new figure is good looking, technically failsafe, and simple to work with and build for.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters Once again, incorrect.

    It doesn't matter one whit what a figure looks like. If customers refuse to buy the supporting items created by vendors, then the figure fails.


    Vendor support is CRUCIAL to a figure's success and, if the vendors can't get uptake, then the figure is finished.

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    @Glitterati3D Well if a figure is reasonably attractive in its default form and easy to work with then customers are more likely to buy supporting content for it. So it does matter what a figure looks like in that regard.

    It does require vendor support but it is also crucial that the figure's creator spends time building content for it as well, and promoting it as much as possible, at least for the first several months after release, instead of jumping to the next big project and depending on other people to support their figure. and then for customers to buy that content in order to encourage vendors to continue building for it. It's all a symbiotic relationship really, but it all starts with the figure's creator.

  • @AmbientShade I don't deny that, but the bottom line is simple.

    The best advertising for a figure is an attractive addon that customers decide they must have.

    There's a reason DAZ gives away it's figures and relies on vendor support to advertise it.

    Anyone who thinks they can do it any other way is simply delusional.

    And, if customers decide they aren't going to purchase new content for a figure, then vendor support goes away and the figure fades into obscurity.

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    @Glitterati3D Yes I think a free base figure is a pretty powerful marketing tool. It's the easiest way to get the figure into everyone's runtime and makes it more likely they will buy add-on content for it.

  • @AmbientShade And, V4 belies your belief that the figure MUST be great out of the box.

    V4 is ugly. V4 has AWFUL rigging. V4 bends like Gumby.

    And, none of that matters, does it?

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    @Glitterati3D I didn't say it necessarily had to be great or perfect out of the box, but it does need to be reasonably attractive - compared to what else is currently on offer at the time. Look back at what else was available at the time of V4's release - not much. But she also had the momentum of 3 other versions prior to her, an established customer and vendor base, and also benefited from being able to take V3's content. Those are all things that give V4 the upper hand that no other new figure has. A lot of people were still unhappy with her in the beginning, but that eventually wore down and people adapted. And all the previous figures set the bar higher for new figures to reach out of the gate. So if said new figure doesn't provide anything substantially better than it's competition, it's not likely going to go very far.