Content Paradise Nightmare!

  • The CP switch to Renderosity is unbelievable ! Thank you Smith Micro.
    I had 148 products to move they wanted me to go thru all pending items add 3 Lightbox images for each product and the department it goes into, Content Paradise SM lets you down load just the zip for the products. You have to open and re render each product to make the new images for Renderosity. This is a lot of work. Or you can take a 40% discount in the legacy department. All I can say is thanks Smith Micro once again the vendor gets robbed. We do the work they take our earnings. This is all being seen by higher powers.

  • @uncle808us
    Yes these lightbox images are a bit of a nasty surprise. I can imagine though that Rendo wants to keep a singe line.
    You can determine the price in the legacy store however. If your product was USD 6 .- on CP, set nominal USD 10.- on Rendo and give 40% discount. ;-)
    For the lightbox images, there could be a service market. There may be people who are willing to make them for you maybe. If you make them 20% co-maker, you split the extra revenue relative to non-legacy.