Saving Master Dependencies?

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    This is from a Rendo Post that I would like to answer:

    "I'm lost here! I have 2 pieces of clothing on my figure. I want to morph them according to the figures pose. All the morphs are in place and works. I can make a Master parameter to control the morphs together - on one of the clothing items. But I can´t get my poser 11 pro to save the master on the clothing - it will not keep the information for the other clothing item, only for the item that has the master. What am I missing here? Please?"

    Could I get some help with this. IF you could answer there as well it would be appreciated. Thank you everyone.

  • @boni

    I asked on the Rendo thread what he/she is trying to do because the question is very confusing. It's not clear if he/she is trying to refit clothing to another figure, or something else.

  • Stupid question: maybe names are the same and the one loading last overwrites the other?

  • @boni , @Deecey & @F_Verbaas we'd need to clarify whether the conformed clothing has specific conform settings applied:
    0_1546488902409_Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.14.14 pm.png
    If Include morphs is selected, the Body master dials (if any) on the conformed clothing get ignored, and the body part actor morphs are applied (where they exist) directly from the master figure to the conformer's body part actors.

    My usual practice for what I term "Superconforming" clothing figures, is to slave master dials on the body of the clothing figure (which control corresponding dials on each body part of that figure) to the appropriate master dial on the body of the master figure. This practice was necessary prior to the creation of the "Include morphs" conform option in Poser (I don't remember which version). The advantage of continuing to use that method, rather than "Include morphs", is that "Include morphs" breaks (or causes to be ignored) the valueOperations on the conformed figure which link it's Body actor master dials to the body part dials, which is extremely confusing when trying to troubleshoot pokethrough or morph mismatches between figures.

    The issue with being unable to save the applied clothing morphs could be due to the "Include morphs" conform option, where body dials will be overridden. Alternatively, this can be due to ERC (valueOperation) applied morph settings on the conformed clothing, with the dials on the conformed clothing remaining zero, though their values are influenced by master ERC from the main figure, which does not get saved when the clothing pose is saved alone.

    A third option is that the Body Transforms check box on the pose saving dialog is unchecked, so none of the valueParameters, morphTargets or transform parameters on the Body actor of the clothing get saved to the library pose at all.

  • Slave driven morphs to other conformers can be done, but you have manually edit a lot of stuff to do it right.

    The file save can't have figure numbers in it, etc.
    It is best to start from a scene save PZ3, then go from there.
    And to make matters worse, there are multiple ways of going about it.
    You can use dependencies, or set it up like V4 works with extended erc.

    The simplest way to do it would be to save it as a scene, then strip out everything not needed.