What The --- ?

  • While trying to install DSON for the umpteenth time... :
    Install Manager cannot find a required path. The package for "DSON Importer for Poser (Win 32-bit)" requires that the installed path for "Poser Pro 2014, 10, Pro 2012, 9 (32-bit)" be defined. Make sure that a path for this application is present on the "Applications" page of the "Settings" dialog, then try again.

    This is getting old. I don't have, and never had, Poser Pro 2014, 20112, and Poser9 was replaced with Poser 10.?
    Why can't I install this? Doesn't a Poser Pro 11 compatible version exist somewhere?

  • Just point it to wherever Poser 11 is installed. Alternatively you can unzip the installer from the downloaded package and point it to your Poser 11 installation.

    The DSON Importer hasn't been updated in many years; in fact, I use the last Beta version because the current production version distorts the mesh of Genesis 2. I filed a bug report (Tech Service Request, #192741) nearly 4 years ago and to my knowledge, no action was ever taken...

  • @wandw I would if I could get it to install. I am using the DLM from DAZ, and not downloading it directly.

  • It doesn't work if you use the Poser 11 location as the path on the Applications page of Settings?

  • Thanks! I'll give that a read. I am out to sea now, so it's going to be awhile until I can download it.