Talk Designer audio format unrecognised

  • I'm experiencing problems with Talk Designer telling me the audio format is not recognized by Poser.
    I'm running Poser 11.1 on a Mac running OS 10.13.

    I had one long audio file that is a 48000 Hz stero AIFF file that loads and works with Talk Designer no problems.
    I've taken the file and split it into 3 parts. The first part works yet the 2nd one does not even though format is exactly the same. I'm using Adobe Audition to edit and save out my audio so I know what the formats are.

  • @beyondcloister aha - i can solve that one for you as I have used audition and talk designer too. When audition saves a file it defaults to a tick box setting to save metadata. uncheck this and your saved file will work in audition.
    Love esther