Attaching Poser Files To Our Posts Here - PLEASE LET US !

  • Okay, so this is the SM Poser forum.
    I have a thread here about a project I'm working on, a Poser freebie.
    I wish to attach some OBJ, MTL and PP2 files to a post in this thread, but the forum won't allow me: "You don't have sufficient priveleges"

    My workaround: I attach the OBJ, MTL and PP2 files to a post in a thread in the DAZ forums.
    You know DAZ - the ones who make DAZ Studio.
    You know DAZ Studio - the free 'competitor' to Poser.

    Does this strike anybody else as being a rather ridiculous situation ?

  • @3dcheapskate Yep, totally agree, when I've done this I've hosted the zip somewhere else and then linked it in the thread, but I agree we should be able to attach those sort of files

  • @3dcheapskate and yet, apart from @h-elwood-gilliland and the former Poser crew, what have we seen from SM except the intentional divestment and abandonment of any responsibility for content management or community content quality control (I do not refer to software quality here, of course). It therefore does seem logical to me that SM protects both itself and this community by preventing the dissemination of unvetted and un-QA'd content on this forum, despite our dislike of such a situation.

    I have had to jump through the admittedly minimal, but still onerous requirements of offering free content (Python scripts, etc.) via ShareCG. My first upload there was rejected and deleted for failing to include a representative icon, despite many, many other offerings there being exactly the same. Their stated policy, as explained to me, was to enforce requirements for new offerings, but not to purge content uploaded before that policy enforcement change. I regard that as reasonable, but it still stands in the way of users' enthusiastic offerings on this forum, and understandable frustration that some things are easy and obvious, while other are not, and remain unjustified (unless one cares to read the forum signup agreement).

    Ridiculous, yes! Normal, and absolutely to be expected in this environment? Absolutely, though regrettable.

    I see this whole situation as a factor of the complete unpreparedness of SM to lead and actively administer a user community.

  • An alternative (for short text files) is to post the text file inline (using the markdown triple-backtick to put it in a black scrollbox like this:

    This should work, as long as the total post length is 32767 characters or less

  • Poser Team

    @anomalaus Bear in mind Smith Micro has been owners of Poser since 2007.

  • @h-elwood-gilliland I do maintain that awareness. I am also mindful that situations and personnel change. I refer, primarily, to the divestment of Content Paradise and SM's direct control of content vending through that channel, passing to a third party. A decision which I will refrain from second guessing, in the absence of any direct knowledge. As that channel (CP) was the last Poser content related within direct SM control, is it any wonder that users will want to explore other mechanisms for legally sharing content they have created (here, for instance).

    Though I came late to this forum, and found an enormous number of historical posts, which I chose to wade through for the pearls of wisdom scattered here and there, it immediately struck me as having a far higher signal to noise ratio that Renderosity, which I had frequented from almost the beginning, currently does. Prior to arriving here, I felt that RuntimeDNA had acquired that crown, but it's subsumption and obliteration of the gathered knowledge, forced me elsewhere, and ultimately, here, where I remain.

    As with others, I have suffered the diverse functional impediments of each of these fora, and learned to work around them, for the most part. While I was astounded at the length of time it took to resolve the Style Sheet formatting breakdown, I remain forgiving. The expectation that things on this forum (I am not referring to Poser software at all here) will work according to the documentation (there are cases where they demonstrably don't - like file type uploads), or be utterly intuitive (why is there BOTH a Picture, and an Upload Image button in the compose toolbar?), or that error messages will accurately reflect the situation triggering them (being incessantly told that one does not have sufficient privilege for a certain action, like uploading an image to an initial thread post, belies the probable fact that privilege levels have been used as a convenient alternative for actually disabling features the admins don't want the users to use - when suppressing SPAM and DDoS attacks, of course one understandably reaches for the simplest solution). Please don't tell us that privilege is the issue, if no ordinary user will ever acquire sufficient privilege, assuming (probably incorrectly) that privilege bears any relationship to user ranking points.

    Please understand that I am venting my spleen here and now, only to distract myself from wondering "Are we there yet?". I understand that using third-party forum software will not always allow the daily admins and moderators to fix problems (though on occasion they can and do - thank you once again @shvrdavid for restoring the thread I inadvertently broke with nested? triple quotes). I still have to select whatever text I've typed in the chat box to be able to read it (grey on gray is most illegible).

    I have been on the other side of urgently awaited software release schedules. Once I realised that a proposed end-of-week software release could easily run over the weekend with unforeseen delays, I toned down my expectations and lowered the frequency of my SMDLM reloads and Updates page refreshes. It is now simply a game I distract myself with during cup of caffeinated beverage excursions.

    </RANT></Spleen vent>Apologies to anyone burnt by the spray.

    Ah, I feel better already! X-D [Reload,refresh] OK, time for more Java! It'll happen when it happens.

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    It happened.
    Go, go, go for it..... While it is still wet.... LOL.

  • Yay! Bandwidth consumption commenced! "Helmsman, set swage engulfment to maximum ells per tick" "Go to one hundred and ten on the reactor"

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