xp-pen display

  • Hi, a newbie here. Joined to try get this issue sorted... Trying to setup xp-pen artist 12 on a PC that already has a 2 monitor setup. I'm wanting the xp-pen to duplicate one of the monitors. I believe this is do-able ? but having no luck with it. The xp-pen continually shows 'no signal' and goes into power saving mode (it works fine with a laptop so I know the device is good) . I have also tried connecting the xp-pen via display port with adaptor, and played around with windows 10 display settings, nothing. Any ideas ? Or am i resigned to dropping one of the existing monitors to get this thing going ?

  • @mkeane70
    Hi, im a wacom user, but i just found this little video here on YT, that seems to explain a lot.

    Like in the wacon setting panell, there is a monitor setting for your tablet. You can coose between main screen, second screen or both.
    With a graphic tablet it is a bit of a problem to have both monitors on, because the workspace on the tablet is getting smaller in the same proportion.
    On the other hand, if you use the second monitor to display your tools and setting panells, you can't reach them with your pen, if you want to have the whole workspace for painting or drawing.
    I use the mouse as a workaround solution. I got two monitors and a wacom tablet. The tablet is calibrated to the main monitor and therefore i have the whole workspace.
    The second monitor is used for the librarie and the tools i need.
    If i want to reach over to my second monitor, i switch pen to mouse.
    It need some time to get use to it, but it works and that what counts, right?