Poser Pro 2012 Updates ?

  • I managed to get a good deal on a new Poser Pro 2012 and installed to my computer and registered the serial number online. At first that was rejected, but I was determined to inform Smith Micro that I was a legitimate buyer so I rang them in the US from the UK to follow up a support ticket. The lady was very nice, then the screen accepted the serial number.

    But what is the deal with the updates and this page ?

    Clicking on any option leads to a dead page. Also, I'm not sure if or which one I need, or how I check which specific version of 2012 I have installed from disc. Can anyone please advise further ?

  • GO to the Help Menu and click on About Poser. The latest version should say is if you are running IE 11.

  • Thanks very much. It said Is it best to submit another support ticket for the Update packs, or am I just missing a link on the website ?

  • Oh sheesh I apologize. I reread your page and tested the links .. I get a page that says Content Paradise is moving, but says you can sign in to your account to access previous purchases.

    Hmmm ... yeah it looks like you are going to have to contact customer support again and ask them what you can do, seeing as they are already aware that you have a legit serial number.

  • Great, they responded to a support ticket and the links are now active. Good of Smith Micro to do that. After registering my Poser Pro 2012 successfully, their manner on the phone, this community, and getting the Service Packs and Poserfusion, I am left with an extremely good impression. I'm afraid some newbie questions might follow.... :)