Is the Material Room open to being controlled though Poser Python?

  • I'd like to see if there is someway to expand a material room window out like a Blender Cycles node editor Window?

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    Sure, why not? Is full screen not big enough? LOL.

    Every window can be resized from the UI.
    Every window has that is the little grey box in the upper tight hand corner with the inverted black triangle. (Right click for the options).

    If you have a dual monitor setup, you can even drag it out to your second monitor and have it there FULL screen.

    Or to simple resize? Hover you mouse over the vertical between the pose window and mat room screen till a double arrow appears and drag it to the size you want.

    Every window in Poser is resizable (or can be made floating) , or dragged to a second monitor from the UI. No need for snakes. (Pythons) LOL.

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    The options for each window behind the little grey box (besides manual sizing are)

    • Docked
    • Floating
    • Drag Floating enabled
    • Close

    If you mess up and lose a window by accident, you can get it back by going top level => Window=> Room Tools => Material => Palette

    The last 2 depending on what room you are in.

    And if you got completely out of control, you can reset the UI to default in General Preferences and restart.

  • ... and it helps to keep your preferred UI layout for a room as a 'UI Dot'.
    That way you can always reset it to that state.

  • @vilters Okay, fair enough Tony. I'm actually thinking I need to control both the size of the windows, and be able to zoom in and out on any particular node or node group. The way Poser does it now can quickly become a convoluted mess.

  • @eclark1849
    you cannot control views.
    There is the compound nodes though to keep the shader manageable. (see Poser 11 Pro manual, page 452)

  • @eclark1849 there are tidying scripts around (I've written one, but there are others as well) which will prevent/correct node overlap, but tangled design/layout is much more difficult (or, rather, yet to be addressed) to account for. The most useful I've seen, layout-wise is @bagginsbill 's Matmatic material creation method, which logically and consistently arranges the node positions.

  • @anomalaus Oh yes, I have one of those Node Tidier scripts. I think Traci/Glitterati had posted it by a guy with the Nick/Alias Structure, though I don't remember where I downloaded it from. I thought it was at Renderosity, but I just checked, and I can't find it.

    I happen to like it a lot, and it has 4 options, so you can choose how you want it set up.