poser and substance painter

  • Hi there :)

    recently I've purchased substance painter, and i wish to invest some time to learn it. I'm trying to figure out how to import V4 (and her UV maps) into SP. any ideas?

  • File menu, New.

    In the box that pops up, click on the Select button.
    Browse to the folder the obj is in. (...Runtime\Geometries\DAZPeople)
    Select blMilWom_v4b.obj

    0_1547310623828_load V4.jpg

    Optional... point it to textures to load with the mesh, it wont apply them all the time, depends on the mesh, but will add them to the texture area in Substance.
    Choose Normal type, map size(you can change map size later and it will go back and redraw everything you did again at that map size. Start out small enough your system doesn't run out of gpu memory).
    Click Ok.

    Substance will throw an error that it cant find the eyebrow material and create a new one.

    0_1547310438673_V4 in Substance.jpg

  • thank you so much!!! :)