Poser 11.1.1 only: Script for exporting a welded geometry of a figure

  • There may be some interest in a scripted (=standardized) method to export or create a welded mesh of a Poser figure.
    In the recent update of Poser some bugs in Python were fixed that prevented 'welded' import, so now we can at least export a welded mesh by exporting (unwelded), import while welding, and re-export the welded prop.

    Well here is such a script. Feel free to use and try.
    The script supports makng a welded geometry as file. However, since the process involves loading a welded prop into the scene, the user can choose from three export modes:

    • into scene only, loaded welded prop is kept, no file created
    • As a file only: Welded prop is deleted after the file is created
    • Both as file and as prop in scene. File is writtten and the prop is not removed from the scene.

    I found the script working well for PE, V4, Dawn, Pauline and Roxie. I encountered problems that I cannot yet explain for Bella and Rafaella. Same exporter code in Poser for some reason works gives good file for one figure and zero length file for another figue.
    Anyone who can shed some light on the why please let me know.
    I do not want to hold the script back for failing to work on some figures and so withhold you for other figures.
    If it does not work for your figure: sorry about that. It may be fixed in the future. (@h-elwood-gilliland I may need some support there )
    Also: Works ONLY for Poser 11.1.1, build 35510 (and up?)

  • @f_verbaas thanks for this post. It's enabled me to work out that just running the updaters to does NOT update the Poser or Python manuals. One still has to download and install the latest Poser Support Files to get the updated manuals!

    I was wondering how to find out what had changed in the Python interface, and was still seeing the November 2017 version of the manuals.

    [EDIT] And, of course, now the SMDLM Servers are unavailable, GRRRR!

  • @h-elwood-gilliland I expect you're away from the office now, but the DLM servers are returning an (Unavailable (56)) error on all downloads (which I had previously completed) but can't do anything with in that state of the SMDLM. Perhaps I can delve into the repository and find the installers manually.

  • Uhhh, no! It appears I must have killed, or done something to the SMDLM after my Poser 11.1.1 app and content updates were installed, because the repository doesn't contain any of the individual full installers for 11.1.1 and the .log file says (0/0) for each one. I know I queued them up, but it didn't happen. Strange.

  • @f_verbaas do you have updated Poser and Python manuals with your 11.1.1 installation? Mine (and I've just downloaded the Poser Support Files package for 11.1.1 and installed it) still seem to be dated November/December 2017).

    Were you only working from what's listed in the release notes for 11.1.1 as to Python changes?

  • @anomalaus
    The change that made it possible is the fix of a bug. It is not new functionality and it should not affect the manual. So, yes, I used the november 2017 version of the manual which I think is still valid.
    Use of the exporter is not very well described in the PoserPython manual anyway. I used examples from the archives of the PoserPython forum on Rendo and had some kind help from PhilC.

  • @fverbaas I’m certainly aware that the implementation had bugs. I reported and posted in a thread regarding mismatch of the poser import dialog fields and the constants representing them. I hope that was part of what got fixed, though I will have to make some script adjustments to account for corrected constants, if so.

  • @anomalaus
    Yes there is/was? some dependency between the settings, some work only if others are set etc.
    Getting the thing to do what you wanted was a matter of trial and error.
    I am still at a loss why the export in the script works for PE but not for Bella.

  • We do wish to update the manuals but at this time we are focusing on moving them to a new format for 12.