SmithMicro DownloadManager Servers offline?

  • I just discovered that the Poser and Content updaters for don't include the revised manuals, which live in the Poser Support Files bundle, so I went to download the installer, only to find that SMDLM can't talk to the servers, giving an "Unavailable (56)" status for each item.

    Perhaps I've caught them in the middle of an update, but in this state, I can't even use SMDLM to perform and install at all. (Though previous version pkg installer files are in the repository on my disk, so I could run them manually, I'm sure)

    0_1547325871429_Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 7.44.00 am.png

  • Because of the government shutdown in the US, many security certificates are not being renewed and secure servers are being shut down.

    Even though the server might not be in the US if the secure certificate goes through there, it's possible that's one of the certificates knocked offline.

  • @glitterati3d Oh Sh*... [Expletives struggling mightily against being put back in their box!] PShaw!

    [Imagines an anti-utopian future, where one morning, everyone in the world's self-driving, fully electric personal transport vehicle refuses to authenticate the occupant because an overseas certificate server has been shut down due to POTUS and Congress being at protracted loggerheads] D-8<

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    Just checked, all files are available from here. Belgium-Europe

  • @vilters Woo hoo! Thanks for the heads-up. Everything's back to normal here too. Just a temporary outage somewhere, then.

    Allright, move along now. Nothing to see here but us chickens (and a blushing turkey, c'est moi) >_<

  • Glad to know it wasn't just me.