Can anyone recommend a tool to replace verts in figure/ prop file with obj file

  • Hi,

    I had such a tool on my old PC (used when making the freebies for PE) but can't find anything on my new box (obviously didn't move it across!)

  • I think this is what you are looking for

  • Ha ha! I'd forgotten that even existed ;-) I've been doing that by hand in a text editor for nigh on 20 years. Of course, being on macOS all that time, this tool has never been of any use to me. It takes me less than a minute, now, since I've done it so often.

    The manual, text-editor method is also useful for figures saved to the library with modified geometries (which get placed in geomCustom blocks in the CR2), usually occurring when one has used the grouping tool to define an area one wants to restrict the morphing tool's operations to.

  • @anomalaus I'm also on a Mac, and I use File Optimizer to extract OBJs from Prop files. It works fine on macOS High Sierra with Poser Pro 11 and has lots of other nifty features as well. It's a component of Netherworks' Creator's Toybox, most of which work on a Mac.

    I also do a fair amount of manual editing of library files for other purposes, using BBEdit, and I'm wondering what text editor you use? In BBEdit I can collapse sections between curly brackets to make files a bit easier to navigate, but I'd love to have a few more features to help with navigating really long files!

  • @perpetualrevision BBEdit's the best, and what I've used for years, since upgrading from TextWrangler. I've even created a Poser Language module for it, so I get colour-coded keywords. Really helpful to identify typos.

    I've struggled with large Poser files as well. To the point that my support tickets earned me an "Unindicted Co-conspirators" in the About... credits. :-)

  • @perpetualrevision one thing I really missed after the upgrade from TextWrangler was the ability to extend the current selection to the next search result. Unfortunately, that only worked when the search dialog was fully modal, which is not the case in BBEdit.

  • Poser File Editor has a tool that will strip out the embedded geometry, create the OBJ, and change the internal reference to the OBJ file that it created.

    Along with many other things.

    Best CR2 editor out there.

  • @deecey Poser File Editor is not macOS compatible, and tragically, Dimension3D (Ralph Sessler) is with us no more.

  • @anomalaus said in Can anyone recommend a tool to replace verts in figure/ prop file with obj file:

    @deecey Poser File Editor is not macOS compatible, and tragically, Dimension3D (Ralph Sessler) is with us no more.

    Dont you know about the cool and free WineBottler application for Mac that turns Windows programs into Mac Apps using an embedded wine? I don’t have Poser File Editor but used WineBottler successfully on some Windows programs that are not available on MacOS. Its 32-bit only though if you think you need the latest and not so shiny MacOS you may get in trouble with the next MacOS update…

  • @nagra_00_ I am aware of that, and have used it, with variable success. I've been doing lots of these automated-but-only-on-windows task by hand for so long, that I'd probably have trouble trusting an application to do what I know needs doing.

    I'm not above using psychological tricks on myself as motivation to pull my finger out and write macOS version of some of these utilities myself.

    As far as OS updates go, I'm about as far as my aging hardware (27" mid-2011 iMac) will allow, having had it explicitly unsupported by Mojave. I die a little inside, every time someone shows an example of a 40-core thread-ripper PC rendering a scene before you can even lift your finger off the trackpad/mouse-button, knowing that Apple will NEVER, EVER offer such cool toys, without requiring me to sell both my lungs (never smoked) and kidneys (only mildly pickled).

    Seriously, though, if I really, really need to run a windows app, I will just boot into Windows 10, but I much prefer the macOS UI and not having to leave the machine endlessly rebooting for days on end, trying and failing to install the latest OS patches [I'm talking to you!, 1803]. (I did finally get 1809 sorted, though)

  • @anomalaus I was a Mac guy for years. We got our first Mac Plus back in 1986. I hated PC but had to use them (windows xp) at work and got to find out they wern't so bad. Remember all the headache of going from OS 9 to OS X? OS X was a whole different thing but really no different from moving from Mac OS to Windows. It's just a simple matter of realizing they both do the same thing, you just have to figure out where in the UI it does that thing.