Poser Pro 11 and Turing support.

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    Turing architecture

    Well, officially all I can say is we'll take a look at what you and others are saying. The 20* series, while compelling, are still not adopted as widely as you might think. RTX has been griped on, maybe in a year or two we'll see more adoption once the prices come down. I get what you are saying and will bring it up when we discuss the future internally.

    I'm following the whole epic saga closely so I'm aware of the lack of enthusiasm for RTX technology and the low sales that tanked NVIDIA stocks lately. However, NVIDIA will be releasing standard GTX versions of the 20 series cards starting with the (supposedly) 1660ti, it's rumored to be faster than a 970 and it would be a perfect replacement for my own aging 970. But if PP11 isn't going to support the chipset, I'm literally stuck with what I have and I'll be in big trouble if I ever need to replace these cards since they stopped making Maxwell and Pascal.

    I was actually looking for a good deal on another 1070 or a 1070ti but I can't find anything under $500 now since the cards aren't being manufactured anymore. I thought of buying a 1060 6GB but they're probably slower at CUDA rendering than my 970 is. :/

  • Which is why SM should port the AMD ProRender engine plug in for Blender to Poser.
    It is CPU & GPU agnostic. It uses them all (along with system memory) as one unified render engine.

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    I didn't expect this reply,I expected at least you will port Cycles 2.8 which works with Turing GPUs,agree Turing or 20xx series GPU doesn't are not adopted widely which is down to prices and performance increase over previous generation but still in rendering they're faster than Pascal by 20-50% this largely depends on renderer

    In Octane render 1080Ti will do around 208-209 points and 2080Ti will do easily 308-310 points

    Waiting 1-2 years for updating Poser SuperFly means I will be not rendering in Poser SuperFly with RTX which in end ends my rendering in Poser as it is,will be using Poser for posing and will be using other render engines like Octane or Corona,AMD ProRender etc

    I have GTX1080's or Ti but still I would prefer to use all GPUs for rendering,can you at least update SuperFly to newer Blender Cycles or you are abandoning this as well or you are planning newer renderer like is AMD ProRender ? or rather which will be based on OpenCL rather than CUDA?


    GTX1080Ti or GTX1080 is well worth it if you are still on Maxwell or GTX9xx series,just don't get GTX1060,these GPUs are poor value for money if you are rendering,GTX1070 or 1070Ti are good value for money but finding them for good moeny hard to say,you can buy used ones,EVGA have 3 year at least warranty which should be more than enough,but Pascal doesn't fail as Turing GPUs,have right now RTX2080Ti which is faster in some renderers by 20-50% with right support what I have read they should be around 75% faster if they starts to use Tensor cores etc

    I wouldn't say GTX1060 will be slower in rendering than GTX970,Maxwell never been properly optimised by Poser or rather Blender Cycles devs,I posted my view on that few months back,where with SSS older GTX780 has been similarly fast as Titan X SC "Maxwell"

    GTX970 scores around 94 points,GTX1060 scores around 95,GTX1070 scores 131,1070Ti scores 152 which is on par with GTX1080,GTX1080Ti will score around 208-209 points in Octanebench


    AMD ProRender I thought so too will be probably best option for Poser like is it,because doesn't matter which GPU do you use or what CPU do you have,I have used AMD ProRender in Cinema4D and 3DS Max and very happy with performance

    Hope this helps


  • Someone please correct me if I've misunderstood this, but there appears to be two separate issues. One is the ability to use the Turing cards CUDA cores in the same way they are used in the older generation Nvidia cards. I understood that this was a comparatively easy fix and was due to needing a newer version of some code (I forget what exactly). Since as pointed out, all the older Pascal cards are no longer being produced more computers are likely to be using Turing cards and quite likely in perhaps 6 months time anybody buying a new pc will be unable to use gpu rendering with Superfly.
    The other issue is whether Poser will be able to utilise the rt and tensor cores on these cards. If it could that would give much more than the 20-50% increase in performance (a demo on youtube shows a mid-range mobile phone gpu dedicated to ray tracing and rendering 6 Gigarays/s, the same as an RTX2070, raytracing in blender, no shaders, doing the raytracing of a scene about 6 times as quickly as a traditional gpu) However I imagine modifying render engines to use these cores may take a lot more work.
    However, as I say I'm no expert on this, so if I've misunderstood someone please enlighten me.

  • @j-naylor73 The main issue is support for Turing based cards. You're 100% spot on about newer computers, as 10XX supplies dwindle, they're not going to use Pascal, they're going to have Turing and AMD cards in them. Since the current version of Poser's SuperFly/Cycles renderer does not support Turing or AMD that's a major issue for anyone considering the program that's buying or building systems right now.

    The huge leap in rendering speed would be fantastic if Tensor cores could half the rendering time, but I'd take a working Turing card without them if that's all we can get our of PP11.

    @jura11 Well if the 970 scores a 94 and the 1060 6GB scores a 95 that's at least one whole point faster... lol

    Honestly it could be a bit slower and that would be fine, it's the extra 2.5GB that I'm really interested in. My 970 taps out at 3.5GB according to GPU-Z and most of the work I've been posting lately renders around 5 - 5.5 GB.

  • For the Mac community, Turing is irrelevant - another reason to push the ProRender Engine. Hopefully, someone at SM would talk with AMD, they are willing to help with the porting.

  • I think for the Mac community things are even worse. OpenCL is deprecated and was never fully implemented by Apple. I never managed to get the last Reality4 to work with my GTX980. And for Apples latest Desert OS Nvidia drivers are still not available and may never be.

  • The fact that OpenCL is deprecated doesn't really matter. Metal incapsulates everything in OpenCL, so that in and of itself isn't the problem.
    The problem is that the only Mac that can handle making 3d art was whacked in 2013.

    I have one foot out the door - If apple delivers another piece of crap like the trashcan or the iMac "Pro", my next system will be a Threadripper based workstation.

    $6400 gets me 32 cores, 128Gb Ram, 500Gb NVMe boot drive, 8Gb WX7100 video card, and a 1600watt PSU in a wonderful tower case with none of that RGB nonsense.

  • We will see what the next Mac Pro will look like but somehow i have the impression that Apple has its own special understanding of a ’modular system’ for the upcoming Pro ;-)
    However i got tired of the permanent compatibility breaks with every new OS version. I stick with OS X 10.11 on my Pro 5.1. Theoretical i could go up to the latest but hey for what. I would have to spend quite some money for several application updates just to keep them working on the newer OS without a real benefit. So i am no more interested in any new things that may come from that company.

  • @johndoe641

    I have bought for my friend build GTX1070 and for another GTX1080 which has been bought used and they're now at 3 month and no issues, used GPU can be bought for reasonable money

    Getting RTX not sure if I would recommend right now as with Poser we are not sure where we are, other render engines like DS or Octane do supports Turing GPUs and Redshift etc

    If you are only using Poser then I would probably get GTX1070 or GTX1080


    If AMD ProRender will arrive or will be implemented in Poser then this would be awesome, but don't think we will see this,AMD I'm sure would help with implementation but if its worth it for them to do so, as Poser have very small installation base or there are not so many users

    Recommending Mac Pro is simply not possible, because for lot less you can build own PC which can be easily to upgraded etc and can run OSX if you wish

    Build few PC which are running High Sierra with multiple GPUs and ThreadRipper as well

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura