Where do I load all morphs! in Poser 11?

  • In Poser 10 and 12 there used to be a button to load all the morphs such as base morphs or morphs ++ in one click. It seems to have disappeared in Poser 11. Am I missing something?

  • @lghtstrm usually that will be a pose in the pose library for whatever particular figure you are working on.

  • @lghtstrm Also: if you have recently updated poser to the latest version you might be looking in the wrong runtime folder. I keep my old custom runtime separate from the default Poser runtime so I never have to mess with it when I update Poser.

  • @lghtstrm if you're looking for the morph injections for V4/M4, they'll usually be within whichever Runtime you installed those figures. You'll be looking for folders similar to the image below:
    0_1547594827056_Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 10.26.40 am.png
    As @ghostship mentioned, if you're not seeing them under the Pose Library hierarchy, you're probably looking in the wrong Runtime.

    Additionally, make sure that you have added that Runtime to Poser 11's library, as it probably won't be there by default.